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8 Tips To Effectively Manage Warehouse Rubbish

We know warehouses are the place where most of the backend activities of a business take place. From maintaining inventory and training staff to packaging materials for delivery and removing warehouse rubbish, a lot goes into managing a warehouse.

By cutting down the waste and keeping your warehouse clean, you can make your business more efficient, save time and money. You can also prevent health hazards and make the working environment safer for employees.

Here are 8 tips to effectively manage rubbish in any warehouse.

Porter carrying boxes in a warehouse

1. Keep plenty of rubbish bin in the facility

Waste material from packaging such as label backings and papers does not only eat up floor space but also poses as a walking hazard for the staff. So, make sure you supply ample rubbish bins to be placed throughout the facility to dispose of waste. This is perhaps the most basic yet important of the 8 tips to effectively manage warehouse rubbish.

2. Use the right type of packaging material

A large part of the warehouse rubbish comes from using materials that are unfit for packaging. Using the incorrect material or size for packaging products can result in a lot of waste. It is important to evaluate the packaging methods used in your warehouse and improve upon them to reduce wastage.

3. Supply enough cleaning tools

Make sure there are enough cleaning tools that are readily available when needed and kept out of the way after use. Create a special corner in the warehouse where you can keep brooms, mops, dustpans and dusting poles. Make sure that it is away from the area of operation but still easily accessible and visible.

4. Assign specific zones to each employee

To ensure that no one leaves the cleaning job for the other person, make your employees accountable for managing warehouse rubbish. Assign specific zones to each employee and make them follow a strict rule of cleaning the area at the end of the shift. The job may include garbage picking and putting them in the bins, washing, sweeping the floor or washing the equipment.

5. Remove waste from warehouse machinery or vehicle

If your warehouse uses machinery or electric pallet jacks, they may often be filled with rubbish materials. You can assign an employee to each pallet jack to keep them clean and ask the shift supervisor to inspect the machines and clean them before the employees wind up for the day.

Young warehouse workers working together.

6. Empty garbage bins before they overflow

This may sound like common sense but many companies still ignore this, resulting in overflowing waste bins that create a mess on the ground. Make sure to empty the garbage bins several times a day to keep the working environment safe for your employees. Better yet, why not hire a rubbish cleanup service to do that for you?

7. Give safety equipment to employees

When assigning employees to clean specific zones of the warehouse or machinery, make sure they have safety equipment available to prevent health hazards. If your warehouse specializes in toxic items, you must hire an expert rubbish removal company that can safely handle the hazardous materials.

8. Reward the waste-conscious employees

Your employees may not think much about your company’s carbon footprint but your customers do. To make your employees waste-conscious, start rewarding those who are exemplary in their eco-friendly efforts in the warehouse. It should be similar to awarding floor workers for great customer service.

This will go a long way in encouraging your employees to effectively manage warehouse rubbish. We hope you find these 8 tips to effectively manage warehouse rubbish useful.

How to safely dispose of excessive warehouse rubbish

If you find your warehouse accumulates too much rubbish, Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help you dispose of all the waste safely. If there are toxic and hazardous material, leave it on our experts to reliably disposed of it. Not only can we get rid of it for you but we’ll also hand remove it.

Our warehouse rubbish removal service includes removing scrap metals, electronic wastes, cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, broken furniture, soil, cement, dirt, dead rodents and pests. Simply call us on 0407 125 125 for an instant free quote! We’ll provide you with the unique warehouse rubbish removal service that you need over the phone.

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