It is always necessary to have a household emergency evacuation checklist. The checklist makes it easy to remember all the necessary steps you need to take and evacuate the house in case of an emergency.

Remember during an emergency, you will tend to do things in a hurry and there are high chances you will end up forgetting some of the necessary steps you need to make the evacuation successful.

You need to ensure you secure important documents, family members, and pets in your evacuation. Here is a simple checklist you can apply:

1. Have a survival kit ready

In your home, you should have a survival kit. The kit should have essential supplies such as survival food, water as well as first aid supplies. You will need them in case of an emergency situation where you need to spend time away from your home. Grab the kit and get it out of the home which is almost in danger of getting damaged.

2. Have all your important papers in one place

To increase chances of removing all your important papers from home, you should have water and fireproof case where you put them so that you can quickly grab and remove them out of the house. The case should include papers such as your driver’s license, deed of the property, proof of insurance, medical records, passports, social security cards and a list of personal contacts.

3. Safeguard pets

Make sure your pets are easy to identify. In case of an emergency, they will run for their safety which can increase the chances of getting lost. Have microchips and ID collars for easy identification. Also, have their foods and medication secured.

4. Know utility shutoff points

For safety reasons, you will have to shut off utility lines such as gas supply and electricity. Know the shut-off points and where to access tools you need to shut them off so that they will not accelerate the disaster.

5. Stockpile sandbag materials

If your neighbourhood is prone to floods, then having sandbags ready will play a significant role in controlling the floods. Also, protect windows. Areas prone to hurricanes will require the installation of shutters which can protect the interior from damage.

6. Prepare your yard

Weak branches and dry leaves can increase chances of your property being damaged more by the impending disaster. You should ensure you have trimmed the dead branches and removed dead leaves from your yard.

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Sarah Ann