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Is it Possible to Dump Old Furniture for Free in Sydney?

Moving and disposing of your bulky and hard-to-handle rubbish items is quite demanding. Whether you’re getting a new set of furniture or completely decluttering your entire home, the most taxing part is having your large and unwanted furniture out of your house. 

Leaving your furniture lying in the backyard or stacked in your garage is not an excellent option. Although you can find free rubbish removal providers on the internet or your local council, you must follow certain conditions and guidelines to obtain their services offering. The only thing of having a free rubbish removal is to have the items drag out in the curb by yourself. 

Free Options

There are several options you can choose from if you opt for an eco-friendly way of disposing of your old furniture, such as:

“Free” items

Classic and effective. Maybe, leaving your old furniture on the curb with a “free” sign might work but definitely not all the time. And if you will leave it outside longer than a certain period, you might be fined for illegal dumping. Leaving you again to drag it back into the garage.


Recycling is not new to us all. The best and possible answer to all your unwanted items is to have them recycled into other materials or products. This will save manufacturers cost and energy in procuring fresh materials and at the same time, preserving our natural resources.

If you’re getting a new furniture set, you can ask the staff who delivered if they can haul the old ones away.


Re-using your unwanted items includes donating or giving away your items to someone who needs it. You also have the option of selling or listing the item through the internet. There are certain organisations where you can post your unwanted items, request an item you need, give it away to a charity, etc.

This way, you’re not only helping the needy by having it for free or acquiring it for a lesser price, but you’re also saving the environment and valuable space in the landfill.

See how you can best donate your different items through our guides below:

Do local council offer free rubbish removal?

Yes, they do have free rubbish removal. Local council offers 2 to 3 pickups of free rubbish removal annually. First, call your local council and check the details, size and the pick-up they offer. Starting off with their collection dates and types of materials they will allow. 

However, there are restrictions and strict guidelines to follow with local council pick-up. But, the ease of having to drive the rubbish yourself to your local dumpsite is already a relief. Call your local council when they have their scheduled cleanup collection in your area. 

Paul’s Rubbish Removal can load and collect unwanted items that your local council can’t pick up. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s an old washing machine, refrigerator, garden waste, we can take away all kinds of waste.

Call your trusted rubbish removalist to save yourself from all the physically demanding work. 


Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney is committed to reduce waste and increase recycling processes. We aim to help change our local community through ethical rubbish disposal practices. We collect your garbage and transport it to our centre for sorting disposable and recyclables properly. We reuse what we can to minimise what goes to our landfill.

Our team of removalists has been collecting and disposing of all types of rubbish across Sydney, saving you time, energy and effort from all the hustle and stress of doing the rubbish removal yourself.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly removalist provider, call our friendly, professional staff today at 0407 125 125 for affordable, fast and reliant rubbish removal services.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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