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How to Dispose of My Old Fridge?

If you have an old fridge that’s beyond repair and only takes up so much space or you are upgrading to a more efficient model, you’ll have to consider disposing of the old one. However, most of the collection trucks and skip bins won’t pick up bulky and large appliances left at the curb.

Furthermore, local policies and regulations regarding the proper handling of harmful refrigerant and oils can make the task more intimidating. But you could not just leave your old fridge outside and risk its chemicals from leaking out the tubing and into the environment.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can follow to properly dispose of your fridge and at the same time, takes responsibility for environmentally hazardous waste.

Inspect the Fridge’s Condition

Check to see if your fridge is still in working condition. Inspect the refrigerant tubing for any leak and if the compressor sounds functional. Keep in mind that older models are less efficient than newer ones. Whether or not the fridge works will identify the next step in getting rid of it.

In addition, it is important to know the two core materials used in a fridge since these have to be carefully considered in disposing of the appliance.

  • Refrigerant – The evaporator and compressor coil contain this chemical. Refrigerants contain toxic and ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon or for newer models, hydrofluorocarbon which both contains greenhouse gases.
  • Insulation – This material keeps heat from entering the fridge and isolates the temperature inside. Foam insulation from older fridges contains ozone-depleting substances.

Recycling Your Fridge

If after inspection you are pretty sure that your fridge still has some of that cooling ability and all components are pretty intact, why don’t you consider upcycling your fridge? There are many smart ways to permanently get rid of your old appliance at the same time get value from it. Because let’s admit it, your fridge has sentimental value, and you want to get what it’s worth for you before you say goodbye to it.


It doesn’t hurt to post an ad on your social media marketplace about your fridge. Include all necessary details and specifications about the item you will be selling such as the dimensions, working condition, service duration, and other features it has. What are the odds that another family will consider buying your old fridge? You can then contribute to their household as well as you also earn for getting rid of it.

Be patient however since it takes time for an interested buyer to click on your ad. But the better its looks and performance is, the more likely you will earn a buyer. 

While you’re at it, consider the next option below:

Bounty Programs and Trade-Ins

Some appliance companies in Sydney will take out your old fridge if you will purchase a new one from them. If you’re still planning for a new fridge, you can ask your local appliance store to see if they’ll accept your old one as a trade-in. Most of the time, stores who accept trade-ins will give out rebates on your purchase. More than replacing your appliance, you also save up a few bucks; furthermore, some stores may offer to pick up your old fridge for a new one delivered to your homes.

Yes, we all want to at least get something out from our old appliance. But inevitably, we can end up with a completely non-functional appliance. A box of insulation, metal, and electronics. The only choice you have left is to completely get rid of it for good and let the recycling fall into the removalists’ hands.

Disposing of your Fridge

Leaving your old fridge out on the curb isn’t a good idea, since the harmful chemicals may seep into water systems or contaminate organisms. It is neither safe to remove the compressor, insulation, nor the refrigerant from a refrigerator yourself. The safest and most responsible way to dispose of the components is to ask a skilled professional to take out the freon or the refrigerant from the fridge. Attempting to take out the harmful substance on your own could only lead to a fine. 

Additionally, a standard fridge could not fit in many standard skip bins and council trucks, so you want a reliable removal service such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

Rubbish Removal Services

In many cases, you just want to completely get rid of your heavy fridge without hopes to resell it or trade for a rebate. If you only want your old appliance removed without the worry of harming the environment, the best choice is to get help from rubbish removal companies.

Rubbish removal services are available all-around Sydney. However, here at Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we value the environment as much as you do. Our expert removalists make it our job to take away your old appliances without contaminating nature.

Moreover, our broad network in recycling and waste management industry which are all compliant with the guidelines set by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority ensure that your old fridge and its harmful components are properly discarded and will undergo proper chemical disposal processes. We also make sure that your rubbish, especially the ones that can be upcycled, can still go a long way, so you get the value of your worth.


With enough knowledge about proper disposal techniques, removing your old fridge permanently shouldn’t be a pain in the back. You only have to utilise your best resources to easily get the job done, and Paul’s Rubbish Removal is most available at your disposal. Call our friendly staff today and we’ll be in and out within the hour, taking away anything you want to be removed.

If you want to take the hassle out of your household within the day and likewise want the guarantee that your old appliance gets as much value even as garbage, feel free to talk with our friendly staff at 0407 125 125 or email us for inquiries and a free quote.

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Sarah Ann

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