As the world develops and becomes more technologically inclined, electronic waste is continually increasing and reaching unpredictable heights. Our society today is in desperate need on how to curb, reduce and manage this category of waste. Electronic waste, which is simply referred to as e-waste, is everything that ranges from old phones, VCRs, TV sets, fax machines to everything else that uses electrical power to function that has reached the end of its useful life.

Technological devices have numerous advantages and has made life easier for us. For instance it is now easy and convenient to communicate with people who are miles apart from us, we have cameras and calendars on our mobile phones to capture moments and plan our lives, we can stream our favourite shows from the comfort of our homes, our houses are equipped with smart systems to make life easy. This leaves us feeling more dependent on technology, resulting in frequent flow of new and better versions of electronic devices as demand and consumption increases. Used electronic devices can be reused, recycled, salvaged or disposed.

E-waste should be managed carefully because it has immense impact on our society.

1) Endangers the environment

Most of the electronic waste is not disposed properly leading to landfills in our cities. These electronic devices are made of lead, zinc, nickel, mercury, cadmium and other components that are hazardous to the environment. These components have a high potential of seeping into the soil and groundwater leading to contamination. The contaminated soil and water affects both land and sea animals. Additionally, when the electronic waste is heated up by the sun, it releases toxic chemicals into the air damaging the atmosphere.

2) It is a threat to human health

Electronics contain toxic materials that can lead to health issue. For instance, when lead, one of the components of electronic devices, is released into the environment, it can cause damage to kidneys, human blood and nervous system. This threat is more serious in developing countries where most of the electronic waste is dumped. Unfortunately, these countries have a lax or no legislation around electronic waste. Workers in this counties are at a risk as they use their bare hands to sort through components that they need from the electronic devices. Areas that receive the largest e-waste have its citizens suffering from neurological, respiratory, digestives and bone problems.

3) Exhausting finite earth resources

Most electronic devices are made of valuable materials that are mined. Gold, palladium, copper and many other materials from the earth are used to make cell phones, computers, televisions and more. These valuable earth resources are acquired from the earth surface through intensive mining. This leads to environmental effects such as loss of biodiversity, contamination of ground water and soil, contamination of air, open pits that lead to deterioration of the earth’s flora and fauns and many other effects.

Additionally, since these resources are finite, it means a day is coming when we will have them in limited earth resources. Recycling of the outdated electronics would save us some of the finite resources, but few people are aware on how and where to take their e-waste for recycling.

Most of the electronic gadgets have a short life span. Companies are always producing more products with an improved design or updated software. This makes the older versions outdated, obsolete or no longer in function within a short period of time. Since the world today rejoices in latest devices, we acquire new and latest gadgets without a second thought.

This leads to more and more e-waste in the society. If you have electronic waste in your house or office, old printers, TV sets, cellphones, copiers, fax machines, cameras, batteries, computers and monitors or any other electronic device, yet you do not know where to take them, contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal. With over ten years of experience, we are committed to helping people safely remove and dispose of all electronic waste.

We are reliable, fast and offer e-waste removal services at an affordable price. In addition, we care about the environment hence you do not have to worry the waste will end up in a landfill. We will sort the waste for recycling and reuse while fully wasted materials are properly and safely disposed.

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