World environmental day should be observed every day to encourage people to get involved and support a clean environment and a healthy society. Each day, tonnes of rubbish, plastic, metal, rubber, textile, e-waste and all other kinds of waste end up in our water bodies or landfills. Waste that ends up in the ocean and sea endangers the submarine animals and organisms. Landfills are not an only ugly sight in the environment but are also health hazards.

When the waste is heated by sunlight, they produce chemicals that are toxic to human beings. They also contribute to air pollution because they produce a foul smell. The solution to saving our environment lies in each one of us. If we all make deliberate decision to stop littering, then the amount of waste released in the society annually will be reduced.

Here are eight effective ways to help us stop littering.

1) Carry a shopping bag

To avoid getting a new bag each time you go shopping, keep a reusable bag in your handbag or in the boot of your car. This will ensure you do not get the plastic disposable bags offered at the stores.

2) Buy a water bottle

Drinking enough water is one of the healthy cultures that we should all cultivate. However, this healthy habit has come at a cost. Most people quench their thirst then toss the plastic bottle on the street. To avoid the chances of littering with single-use plastic water bottles, consider acquiring a reusable water bottle. If you are not sure about the quality of your tap water at home, use a water filter.

3) Carry your own mug to a cup shop

We love coffee especially in the morning to keep us going throughout the day. However, most of us carry the coffee cup and miss to throw it in a trash can. Carrying your own mug to a coffee shop will reduce the amount of waste you produce annually.

4) Shop in bulk

Shopping in bulk will reduce the amount of packing used compared to shopping in small quantities. Avoid products, for instance, snacks, which use a large plastic packing bag that does not match with the quantity of the product. While shopping, consider one large container of the product instead of multiple smaller ones. In addition, carry a reusable glass container to the store while shopping for cereals.

5) Dispose of your rubbish in the right place

Make sure each of your litter goes to the right place. Do not throw away cigarette butts anyhow but instead ensure you put them in a litter bin. Ensure your fully wasted rubbish does not end up in a landfill and you recycle your items as much as you can. Ensure your trash can has a lid to keep the waste safely secured.

6) Carry a trash bag while travelling

While travelling, make sure you have packed a trash bag in your car or in the bag. To avoid littering, put all your trash in the bag until you find a garbage can for proper disposal. Small trash such as sweet wrappers is easy to litter with. The trash bag will remind you to keep your litter. You won’t believe how much rubbish that could be reduced by simply picking up after ours – here are additional littering facts to keep in mind.

7) Compost

If you have space in your compound, compost your kitchen waste to reduce throwing away leftovers. A composting project will not only help to reduce garbage, but it will also improve the quality of your soil to yield better crops. After eating out, keep your food remains for proper disposal in the compost rather than littering the streets.

8) Refuse single-use items

Identify items that you mostly use and replace them with long-lasting alternatives. For instance, carry your own cutlery and leftover container. Say no to soft drink cans but instead buy glass bottles that can be recycled, or ensure you put your beer cans in the recycle bin rather than tossing it over your shoulder.

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