It is already late in the night, and you realise you’ve got a ton of waste rolling around after a renovation or from hoarding rubbish but you have already filled up your bin. So, do you keep the extra trash until the time comes? Or, do you pry around to check if a neighbour’s skip bin can accommodate your rubbish? Bearing this in mind, there is one question everyone in this situation needs to ask: is an offence to throw extra trash into someone else’s skip bin? While this question has been discussed in many neighbourly bin etiquette forums, divergent opinions still exist. Some people believe it is right to ask skip bin owners before throwing rubbish in their bins while others believe if the skip bin is half-full, then it is okay to chuck trash in it. After all, it is just free space. Isn’t it?

The dumping peril

Notwithstanding the difference in opinions, throwing rubbish into random skip bins has got out of control in most suburbs. For skip bin owners, it is one of those annoying things. Even if it were you, would you like it when someone is throwing rubbish into your waste container without your consent? I’m sure you would detest such habits. Let’s consider these situations. You have a skip container that needs to be disposed of only to find out that strangers have filled up the remaining space. Unless you are lucky to trace the person who dumped the trash in your builder’s waste bin, it will be difficult to prove that you did not throw the trash.

This menace has prompted some builders on the Coast to install surveillance cameras or erect fences to protect their skip bins on sites because it cost them money to dispose of other people’s wastes. Taking into account tip fees, which range from $355 to $455, such malpractices can cost these builders thousands of dollars each year.

Are you grappling with bin stuffing menace?

Well, there are effective ways to control illegal dumping. Confront those who might be capable of dumping their rubbish into the waste containers. If the situation gets out of hand, involve the authorities, only if your council’s bylaws restrict such activities. The relevant department of the council will come to investigate the matter and recommend prosecution or fine the person who did illegal dumping. Please note they will most likely ask for concrete proof of illegal bin stuffing. Bearing this in mind, there are even better ways to control illegal dumping on your skip bin.

Better ways to protect your bins from unwanted dumping

If your skip bin is in an open or common area, expect people dump their trash into it. It means you need to keep your bin out of sight, such as moving it inside your property, if you want to stop people from filling it, which is sometimes not practical. Here are better alternatives to protect your skip bin from unwanted dumping.

  • Put warning signs on your bins

Some people overfill the garbage while paying little attention to the mess they leave behind. Leaving a simple warning that communicates your displeasure and consequences of dumping on your skip bin might keep away some bin stuffers.

  • Use security cameras

It is unlikely that your neighbours will admit to dumping in your bin. Installing security cameras in your yard will, therefore, help to monitor your trash bin. With the image and video evidence, the guy who dumps on your bin won’t deny his or her actions.

  • Lock your skip bin

Yes, lock your bin if there is no other way to prevent unwanted bin stuffing. Alternately, you can use a simple lid if the situation hasn’t gotten out of control.

That is why many people argue between hiring a rubbish removal service and hiring a skip bin. While many will argue that skip bins are a good option, rubbish removal services is a way to combat and overcome the issue of people dumping their trash into your skip bins. This is a common problem that is hard to rectify unless you are able to well-protect your skip bin from people throwing their rubbish into it. Professional rubbish removal services such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal offers a fast and easy method to dispose of any type of waste. It is up to you to determine which is the better fit for you.

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