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Lounge and Couch Removal Sydney

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Lounge and Couch Removal Sydney

GUARANTEE same-day rubbish removal!

  • Free Quote
  • Local Rubbish Service
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • Cheapest Prices
  • Always On-time
Book a service online & SAVE $50* NOW!

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Sydney Lounge and Couch Removal

Do you have old lounges and couches that need to be removed ASAP? Is it taking up too much space at home and you simply need it gone in the most efficient manner possible? We can help!

Firstly, lounges and couches are pieces of furniture that are bulky. Removing them calls for extra manpower. Secondly, it’s often hard in deciding where to best dispose of them. You should be aware of the severe penalties and fines for illegal dumping of old lounge and couch. This shouldn’t stress you up as we are there to get you out of this kind of a mess. Get a professional rubbish removal to get rid of your old lounge once and for all!

How do I dispose of my old lounge?

We often get asked ‘how to get rid of old lounge?’ Throwing out your lounge doesn’t have to be difficult and painful. There are some ways in which you can remove your unwanted lounge and couch!

Since your normal wheelie bin is too small for your lounge to fit, the first method of disposal is to hire a skip bin to throw your lounge into. The downfalls of this method are that you will end up waiting for the skip bin to arrive which may take some time; you will have to carry, lift and drag the lounge yourself; and the big ugly bin will be sitting outside your house attracting pests to your home. Check out the pros and cons of a rubbish removal hire and a skip bin.

The often preferred alternative is to hire a professional rubbish removal service such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We specialise in removing all things big and small! We will arrive with our truck and resources to your front steps all in the same day. Our team of strong men will do all the work for you upon arrival. Carefully lifting, carrying and loading the lounge onto our truck for a quick disposal. With a rubbish removal service, removing your lounge is as simple as a, b, c.

Best of all, Paul’s Rubbish Removal is dedicated to responsibly recycle and properly dispose of your lounge in an environmentally-friendly way. We take every step to ensure that our junk is correctly disposed of.

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Safe Lounge & Couch Removal

Couches and lounges are big and need to be removed with utmost care. Any error can lead to damage to your property.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we have a team of skilled manpower that will ensure old couch and lounges are removed carefully. We fully understand the impact that any kind of recklessness can have in your house. We remove them slowly without breaking anything in the house or damaging the floor. Once outside, we can facilitate the transportation of your unwanted lounge to the required destination.

Sydney has strict laws that guide how waste should be disposed of. When removing couches and old lounge, we abide by the local laws. We take them to the designated disposal centres where they can be recycled or be reused.

Professional Lounge and Couch Removal

We are a reputable rubbish removal company in Sydney hence we conduct ourselves professionally. Once you contact us, we will be at your premises within a short time. We respect the privacy of our clients and we will only do the task that has brought us. Our removalists won’t do anything that will make you uncomfortable with their presence.

Even while removing the old couches and lounges, we are open to taking instructions from the property owner. At the same time, we can give you better ideas on how to manage and dispose of waste. We ensure that there is a seamless communication between us and the clients to ensure that you get the best service.

Types of Lounge We Remove

We remove all types of lounge and couch!

  • Big lounge removal
  • Small lounge removal
  • Leather lounge removal
  • Polyester lounge removal
  • Antiqued lounge removal
  • Old lounge removal

We Serve Different Customers

We offer old lounge and couch removal services in Sydney for both residential and business premises. Whether you want the service to your home or office, we will be there to give it. Here are some of the sites that we serve:

We are the cheapest rubbish removers in Sydney. We have a fair pricing plan for all our customers. Also, we are transparent about our prices. We provide full information on what you are supposed to pay beforehand. This will help you to lay out proper plans on how to get rid of the old lounge and couch.

Experienced Lounge Removals

Our experience in the rubbish removal industry is unrivalled. We have been serving residents and businesses of Sydney for years and we understand their needs. Our experience helps us to give them the best services. We are a trusted rubbish remover in Sydney and this is because of our experience in the industry.

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Fantastic Service, called at 10am and by 2pm the boys had quoted and completed a very large job that I had. So happy with the service, cleaned up afterwoods as well. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Fantastic.

Donna S

Paul, sensational job as always, love how easy you make it look. Definitely won’t hesitate in calling you again should either my family or friends need rubbish removed. Thanks again!

Simon R
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