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4 Tips for Easy Spa Removal

More often than not, removing a spa or a hot tub from your backyard may seem a little daunting and overwhelming. That’s because it’s filled with a few hundred litres of water, has numerous electrical hookups and is probably rooted in the deck itself.

With that in mind, there’s no doubt that various circumstances will obviously require you to make different decisions. For instance, you may want to remove it and move it whilst it’s still intact or you’re not worried about breaking the spa into pieces because you’re getting a brand new one. All in all, spa removal and taking care of it doesn’t have and shouldn’t be a difficult or expensive process, especially if you have experts from Paul’s Rubbish Removal to handle it for you.

Getting rid of an old spa for a new one

You perhaps have an old tub in your backyard and it sucks! Worry not, you’re in safe hands. If you’ve conclusively decided to destroy it, we’ll save you from the sweaty process by destroying it for you.

It actually doesn’t make a lot of sense to have that old spa intact in your backyard since you’ll eventually have to find a way of disposing it, which will obviously be daunting if it’s still intact. After all, it’s much easier and cheaper to dispose an old hot tub when it’s broken into smaller manageable parts and pieces.

That said, we fully understand that you’ll need the deck and foundation for your next spa, and we’ll involve our professional spa removal experts to ensure that the spa is safely and properly destroyed without doing anything disparaging to the deck.

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Draining the Tub

Now that you’ve owned a spa, you most likely know how to drain a tub. But whether or not you know how to do it, we will be there to give you a helping hand and show you a thing or two (that’s if you’re interested) on how to drain the tub.

The most important thing to remember before draining a tub is to completely switch off electricity even if it means flipping off the circuit breaker. As you’ve already imagined, this is for safety reasons.

There’s always a drainage spout at the bottom of the spa. We’ll attach it to a garden hose. This is basically to direct the flow of water to an area that will not be weighed down by the drained water. In essence, this is to prevent your backyard from flooding.

After removing the water, we’ll use a vacuum to remove the remaining puddles because we’re fully aware that you’ll need the spa as dry and clean as possible in readiness for the next step.

Ready Yourself with an Instruction Manual

If you’ve decided to hire us for this service, you’ll not have to worry about getting an instruction manual. If you however, decide to go the do-it-yourself route, we’d recommend that you read the manual and follow the steps that were used to assemble the spa, albeit backwards. If by any chance you inherited the spa, you can find the manual on the manufacturer’s website. It should detail the location of the spout, electrical wirings, tubes, and also how to remove the skirt, the tub or even how to disassemble it.

Some of the tools that you’ll need for this process include:

– Protective clothing

– Safety eyewear

– Work gloves

– Reciprocating saw

– Jigsaw

Remove the Spa Skirt

Made from tongue-and-groove parts, the outside part of the spa can be easily removed without sawing. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual and find which parts have been screwed in.

Disassemble the Tub

Keep in mind that the hardest part to remove from the backyard is the spa’s outer shell. This is where the saw and protective gear will come in handy. Remember; you’ll have debris flying all over you and get covered in dust.

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As you can see, spa removal may seem quite easy on paper, but will eventually get into your nerves particularly with all the instruction manuals, tools, debris and dust flying around you, and oh, the need to hire a dumpster for disposal, which can be hectic and very expensive.

This is basically why we advise you to contact us about our affordable and professional spa removal and disposal services in Sydney. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we can handle any junk removal that needs to be disposed of with our 15+ years of experience.

All you have to do is contact us on 0407 125 125, and choose a time that is convenient for you. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to move your spa to a new home or want to destroy the old in readiness for a new one; you can trust the experts at Paul’s Rubbish Removal to take care of the clean up.

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