For those that will move to other homes or simply looking to free up space, there is no easy way to get rid of things – especially the bulky ones. It’s a challenging task at times, and it becomes even more difficult and more costly when big things like old furniture should be taken care of and disposed of properly.

So what can you do to that old musty sofa lying around for a while?

There are plenty of options to take out old furniture from your home. You can do any of the following:

  • Sell it on an online platform like Craigslist and earn a handful of dollars out of it.
  • Donate it to a local charity that can still make something out of the old furniture.
  • Call the local junk experts to do the job and take care of the big problems standing in the way of some useful space.

As an established name in the rubbish disposal business with over a  decade of experience in the field, here at Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we take care of your unwanted possessions. Serving the entire Sydney region area, our company have served many satisfied customers in our multiple years of service.

Your collected items can either be reused, donated, brought directly to the local landfills or can be recycled.

So what exactly can our team of junk removal experts do with that old furniture that you consider as rubbish?

Old furniture collection

Paul’s team of expert removers picks up and collects the old furniture sitting around in your home to make room for more important things. Our experienced team of removers will come knocking at your door, set up their things for the job, monitor and check your old furniture, and collect them to be taken away afterwards. That old cabinet you don’t want around anymore will be collected and removed with a call.

Old furniture disposal

Even with having more than half of rubbish recycled, a huge part of old furniture still ends up in local landfills. There may be pieces and parts of your collection that can be recycled, but unfortunately, many are for complete disposal. Paul’s will take them straight to the junkyard for you.

Old furniture recycling

Fortunately, a big 60% of rubbish is recycled and that includes old furniture. With a strong initiative for recycling items, the team of Paul’s removal team will also sort out your collected furniture and assesses items that can still be recycled.

Furniture pieces are handled with care, taken apart and broken down to individual components. Individual parts are determined for recycling and sorted. Luckily in old furniture, a big lot of metal components, intact glass, or some plastic fixtures can still be recycled and turned to something else that might be of future use to other beneficiaries.

Working in partnership with different non-profit organisations and institutions here in Australia, Paul’s team gives away parts of your old furniture that can still be valuable. Your old desk drawers, cabinets, or sofas, can raise support for foundations, like The Smith Family. What you consider disposable today can raise children’s education tomorrow.

Self-Storage Facility

If you’re time-poor and can’t commit to doing any of the above then a self-storage solution may be an alternative approach. You will be able to safely store your furniture and reuse it should in future you need it again. Lock-up storage solutions like Henfield Storage provide great safekeeping when you don’t have time to do all the other options listed above.


Removal companies have many services to offer, we at Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we want to make life easier for you. Apart from the enormous stress of moving away or totally making space, disposing of your old furniture should come with as less hassle and issues as possible.

Our main priority is to make sure that your move could be the next most satisfying feeling by removing things that you wish to leave behind. We’ll make sure that your old furniture will be disposed of properly.

Do you want your old furniture away for good? Call us at 0407 125 125 to schedule an appointment with the team. The rubbish you want to be gone will be taken away in no time. 

Sarah Ann