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Plastic Litter Statistics 2023

Look around you. It isn’t too difficult to spot plastics, right? That’s because plastic has become a staple material in life. It’s in everything and everywhere you go. It’s in your trusty phones, cars, and even a turtle’s guts—wait, what? It’s the sad truth. Although plastic has significantly advanced technology…

Polystyrene Foam pellets

How To Properly Dispose Polystyrene Foam

It’s lightweight, cheap, and a good insulator. With these qualities, polystyrene foam, more popularly known as Styrofoam (actually the brand!), dominated almost everything—from packaging to construction and electronics. But did you know that polystyrene foam takes about 500 years to decompose? It’s true, and the worst part is that most…

school recycling

Recycling Facts for Kids

Who says recycling is only an adult thing? Recycling’s often seen as a tedious chore taking time, effort, and money to accomplish. But if we try to understand why it’s essential and naturally integrate it into our lives, recycling can surely be a fun activity—even for kids! Why kids learning…


29 Littering Facts That Will Surprise You

Do not Litter. We see these words in schools, parks, and almost any street. And yet litter in the form of candy wrappers, beer cans, and plastic bags remain ever-present in places where people frequent—as if a badge saying, “I’ve been here.”  Unfortunately, littered rubbish won’t always stay in that…

Copper Water Bottle In Sunlight

Copper Water Bottles: The Sustainable Option To Plastic

There’s no doubt plastic bottles are one of humanity’s most revolutionary inventions. It’s light, affordable, and easy to carry around—a reliable water container.  But in recent years, plastic bottles, especially single-use ones, have done more harm than good to people and the environment, from chemical leaching to land and water…


How We Can Help Remove Your Treadmill

If you have an old or unwanted treadmill at home, you probably have scratched your head, wondering how to dispose of such bulky equipment. The truth is that getting rid of any exercise equipment can be really challenging. Not only is it large, but it is also heavy and bulky…


5 Ways To Reuse Unwanted Newspaper In Your Household

Every household receives newspapers; it is one of the certainties of life, especially if you live in the city. Some of us find value in them, while others throw them straight into the recycling bin. For those of you who do not find value in reading the newspaper, this article…

Modern living room

Simple Ways To Keep Your Floors Sparking Clean

A clean floor in the home reflects the heart of those who live in it. Each individual who takes care of this aspect tries to keep the floor clean to look tidy. Some think it is not easy to thoroughly clean the largest surface within a home, the floor. This…


Senior & Elderly House Downsize: We Can Collect Unwanted Belongings

Downsizing a property is a common choice for elderlies aged 60 and above. Many seniors prefer a smaller, more comfortable home when they have all their kids move out. Doing so reduces unwanted stressors in their life, minimising living expenses and freeing up space. But downsizing is easier said than…