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15 Facts & Stats about Refuse Items in Sydney

Refuse is a term used to describe both recyclable and non-recyclable disposable materials. Most people use the word refuse interchangeably with waste. However, waste refers to any type of leftover material that cannot be reused or recycled. Refuse, on the other hand, is any leftover that is left to decay,…

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How to Clean Old Schools in Sydney

Whether you are selling or refurbishing an old school, cleaning it can really be a daunting and messy task. The accumulated debris and deterioration of the whole structure can send a shock down your spine.  However, amidst all these, proper cleaning falls in the category of home improvements that boost…


8 Awesome Ideas to Recycle Old Baby Items

Babies are a joy and great addition to every family. As they grow, parents want to ensure their babies are comfortable and they have everything they need. However, babies also grow very fast, and they outgrow these items, for instance clothes, furniture, toys, baby shawls among others, too quickly. As…


What is the #TrashTag Trend?

Looking at all the litter being thrown away in the streets, oceans, rivers, and seas, it is clear that we are all heading in the wrong direction. Recent studies show that we, as the human race, have a few years before we all reach a place of no return in…


How Rubber Can Be Recycled

Rubber is a common item in every part of the world. It is used to make very many products like tires, medical gloves, matting, tubes, and many others. Rubber is basically a collection of polymers of isoprene, an organic compound. It also contains other organic compounds and water. The composition…


How to Get Rid of Old Books

Books are among the things that many people find hard to dispose of. That is, you would find many shelves of books in numerous households. If you are one of these people, over time, you may find the books piling up to the point that they are consuming a lot…


What to Do With Old Christmas Lights

Christmas is a time filled with joy and laughter as people celebrate the festive season. People put up various decorations around the home to set the mood. One thing that never misses in almost every house is Christmas lights. The twinkling lights bring a feeling nothing else can. After the…


How to Properly Dispose of Old Cables

You may have a lot of cables that you no longer use. This could be attributed to your buying new ones to replace them. It may be because you choose to go wireless, as this is a common trend nowadays. No matter the situation. At the end of the day,…