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Freeganism: Is Eating Thrown Out Food OK?

Would you embrace a lifestyle that shuns away all ideas of commercialism, capitalism, and basically any activity that is considered over-indulgence? Would you want to live an extremely frugal lifestyle where you avoid buying or spending on even the most basic necessities like food, clothing, and the use of electricity? …

Plastic garbage left on a sandy beach

How Much Rubbish Do We Throw in the Ocean

Sometimes, laziness in finding a trash can is one way of contributing to the rising number of rubbish every year. People think that if they drop plastic wrappers on the streets or let a few napkins get swept by the wind, it is not affecting the environment at all. But…


Furniture Donation in Sydney: Junk for You Maybe Gold For Another

Please note: We do not accept any donations or furniture donations. We sincerely appreciate all the enquiries we have received, asking whether we accept donations. Please visit any of the reputable non-for-profits/charities below and donate your belongings to those in need. Thank you! Sometimes you need to say goodbye to…


10 Tips to Personal & Household Hygiene in Sydney’s Lockdown

In an effort to combat an unseen but lethal adversary, the government imposed stricter controls on the largest COVID-19 outbreak this year. Aside from the usual social distancing, harsher penalties have been enacted, particularly for businesses that violate any of the protocols. We’ve been fighting the virus for over a…


The Zero Waste Challenge (Checklist)

While enjoying an extravagant meal on your dining table, you probably don’t even think where your food packages and leftovers will end up. Any rubbish we produce, unfortunately, starts to fill up every corner of sanitary landfills. Much worse, thrown debris might end up in your footpath and outdoor spaces. …


DIY: The Most Efficient Way to Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom tends to get really filthy in just a short time since you are frequently using it. This particular space in your home can’t help but attract dirt and grimes which need efficient and timely cleaning. It’s fair to say that your bathroom should be one of the prioritised…


Top 10 Countries That Produce The Most Waste

As the economy and industries continue to improve, statistics show that countries worldwide produce more waste year after year. World Bank suggested that without implementing proactive measures, waste production in 2050 will skyrocket up to 70% higher than in 2018, from 2 billion to 3.4 billion tons. Moreover, citizens in…


Why You Need Rubbish Removal Services During A COVID19 Era

Rubbish removal is an indispensable component of housekeeping and maintenance. You need to collect and dispose of your household wastes regularly in order to free up space and keep your home sanitary.  Imagine your house being dominated by useless pieces of appliances, furniture, and other rubbish, that you end up…


How to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Home

Many homeowners have been through the simplest to the worst mould problems. When it comes to handling and preventing these organisms, things can get quite difficult.  Moulds bring several adverse effects on your home, and you might have or haven’t seen the worst of them. These harmful microbes are typically…