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Dog Laying on Floor Carpet

Household Pet Waste: Where Does it All Go?

Every month, Australian dogs’ waste is as heavy as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, based on a news report. Can you imagine where all that waste goes every month? Apart from the waste produced by domesticated animals, there is waste produced by farm animals. Animal waste is one of the primary…


How to Dispose of Home Gym Equipment

We all had the best intentions when we bought home gym equipment. This piece of equipment is a fun and useful addition to our workout. But over time, our equipment can start to break down and become a hazard.  We frequently leave these items in convenient places when they are…


Junk Scavenging Sydney: The Good & The Bad

Seeing people scavenging junk in Sydney is not an unusual sight. Who wouldn’t like to dive in for the chance to find usable and even valuable items for free? During these uncertainties, economic struggles, and challenges brought about by the global pandemic, some Sydney residents have sorted to junk scavenging,…


Timber Waste: Where Does It Come From & How Do We Manage It

Did you know that gardeners and landscapers can benefit from wood waste? Whether you’re getting started or clearing out an established garden, timber waste is a great alternative to traditional mulch and other applications. Furthermore, recycling wood waste reduces the need for raw materials, which aids in the conservation of…


Old Water Tanks: What Can You Do With Them?

Water tanks can be found in many places, from apartment complexes, office buildings to industrial sites. We use water tanks for a variety of purposes. For example, water storage at our homes, food or beverage products in a commercial facility, irrigation systems and more.  Moreover, with its sturdy material, shape,…


Space Junk: 9 Facts That You Didn’t Know

The space race in which nations on the planet have been harnessing their resources and advancement in technology has been going on for half a century now. Just like on earth, along with the advancement of civilization comes a new kind of problem—space junk.  Since 1957, when man first launched…


Australian Flood Waste Statistics

Heavy rains and flooding can cause casualties and destruction to properties, buildings, and infrastructures. This means that domestic, industrial, and commercial waste floated down rivers, streams and through towns. While these catastrophic events cause adverse socio-economic and environmental impacts, the “million-dollar question” is how much waste is generated due to…

Illegally Dumped Junk on Kerbside

Can I Sue Someone For Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping is a problematic practice in many Sydney neighbours. Not only do victims have to pick up the pieces to address the illegally dumped items but excessive amounts of dumped junk can be a huge eyesore for local residents. So what can you do about it if you have…


Leather Waste in Australia: An Introductory Guide

Leather waste represents a huge and ever-growing problem. The obsession we have with new clothes, footwear or household items in today’s society is hurting the environment significantly. That is why there is no doubt that leather waste is a problem that we must all address. However, this is not an…