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Light BUlbs

How to Properly Dispose of Light Bulbs

Light bulbs play a significant role in our daily lives, from illuminating our homes, workplaces, and public spaces.  With each type having distinct qualities and advantages, the varieties of light bulbs we can use have evolved along with technology. However, the convenience of modern illumination comes with the responsibility of…

White blinds and curtains

How to Dispose of Blinds and Curtains

Our home decor preferences vary with the seasons. Summer curtains replace the thick winter drapes. And don’t forget about blinds, the dependable window partners that provide privacy and style. But what should you do if your curtains and blinds have outlived their usefulness and need replacement? No worries, as we’ll…

Hand sanitiser

How to Dispose of Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has become a crucial tool in our daily lives in a world permanently impacted by the pandemic. It is our dependable partner in the fight against microbes.  We’re all familiar with pouring it on our hands and rubbing them together to disinfect bacteria.  But have you ever thought…

Nappies on pink background

How to Properly Dispose of Baby Nappies

Parenting is an emotional rollercoaster, from sweet cuddles to not-so-pleasant changing and disposal of baby nappies. As an environmentally conscious parent and homeowner, you want to do whatever you can to dispose of baby nappies or diapers properly. Maintaining your home and the environment’s cleanliness is essential to every person’s…


20 Ways to Stop Littering

World environmental day should be observed daily to encourage people to participate and support a clean environment and a healthy society. Each day, tonnes of rubbish, plastic, metal, rubber, textile, e-waste and all other waste end up in our water bodies or landfills. Waste in the ocean and sea endangers…

Methylated Spirits

How to Dispose of Methylated Spirits

Methylated spirits, known for their varying cleaning and solvent characteristics, have become a household and commercial mainstay in Australia.  Yet, ensuring their proper disposal is far more than a matter of convenience; it is something that we all undertake to protect our environment and public health.  Let us dig more…