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How to Properly Dispose of Motor Oil

To keep your vehicle and machines up and running, you need to maintain it well. One of the most common ways to do this is by using motor oil or lubricating oil. Your regular oil change is more than just a chore, it’s this regular maintenance that prevents parts from…


Sydney Laws and Regulations on Incineration of Rubbish

Despite being an appealing technological solution for waste disposal, municipal solid waste treatment (MSW) combustion-based processes or incineration is a topic of intense controversy worldwide. Without effective policies, incineration can release toxic contaminants that can impact human health and the environment, especially into the air, land, and water. While municipal…


End-of-Lease Rubbish Removal Checklist

Remember the bond that you have deposited in the first month of your tenancy? You can get that refunded at the end of your contract. All you have to do is to restore your place to its original condition when you first moved in. That means that aside from getting…

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Types of Electrical Rubbish and How to Segregate Them

Due to our incessant advancements in technology, a lot of the things we have now are powered by electricity. These items are classified as electrical items and are not restricted to things that you need to plug into an electrical outlet. Electronic devices that are powered by batteries, whether rechargeable…


What is Green Waste Recycling and Why You Should Practise It Now

Green is in! Unfortunately, this also applies to the waste accumulation that happens over the globe. Green waste has a high contribution to the total amount of waste that Earth has. However, this is normal as green waste is organic waste that can decompose over time. Green waste is rich…


Where Does All the Waste in Sydney Go?

New South Wales generates a lot of waste every year. With a waste generation growth rate of 1.3% from the early 2000s, nobody can deny it. Waste is graduallyincreasing every year. From the 17,374 kilotons in 2010, it produced 17,690 kilotons in 2015. People around NSW should expect a garbage…


How Effective is Sydney’s Waste Strategy

Australia is one of the biggest contributors of waste to the whole world. As such, it has formed several policies to advocate better waste management in the nation. Sydney, one of the biggest contributors of the nation’s garbage, has always been on the lookout for better waste management methods. The…


How to Prevent Infestation of Garbage Bins

While it’s a relief that you can throw most rubbish in your garbage cans, the next rubbish-related issue you’ll face is the small critters and pests infesting your containers. Although it’s a common issue that flies and other pests can swarm your waste bins, it becomes problematic once these creatures…


Residential Rubbish Statistics During the Pandemic

Lockdowns evoke the resurgence of single-use items which puts the country’s target to meet its national packaging recycling by 2025 in trouble. As people are mandated to stay and work in their homes, the curbside rubbish has increased significantly during the lockdown period. COVID-19 has already  As Australians spend most…