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Bathroom Mould & Fungi: How to Prevent & Remove Them

After a long day at work, you might crave a warm, relaxing bath. But, upon stepping into your bathroom, you see streaks and grime on the walls and floors, lurking in nooks and deep corners. Yikes! Seeing this fuzzy, unpleasant stuff is a total nightmare for every homeowner.  What are…


How To Best Clean A Living Room

Cleaning your house can be a big task. Even if it is only a small house, the task of cleaning can (at times) seem gargantuan. But that’s why it’s essential to break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks like doing one room at a time. Your living room will…


Report Littering NSW – Report a Tosser!

While walking along busy streets, you saw a guy casually tossing a plastic cup on the roadside. After a few more strides, you passed by a teenager leaving an empty pocket of chips while calmly walking away as if nothing had happened.  People think throwing a cigarette butt out of…


Book Donation Sydney: What You Can Do With Unwanted Books

…And they lived happily ever after—the end. Almost every book ends with this line. Have you also wondered what happily ever after looks like for a book? We’re curious too, but surely it’s not staying on an overcrowded shelf collecting dust for years, wondering if it’ll ever get opened again.…


Mattress Donation Sydney: Ways To Give Your Mattress

Did you know that mattresses follow an 8-year rule?  Well, if you don’t, I’m sure the physical manifestation of accumulated sweat, dead skin, and spring stress over the years would start to show. I don’t know what is if that’s not a clear indication you need a new mattress. But,…

Junk in Basement

What Happens To Junk That Can’t Be Recycled?

Recycling at home is a small yet significant step for Aussie households, especially those living in dense suburban areas. As of 2022, Australians generate around 67 million tonnes of waste annually, filling up our landfills at an unprecedented rate, especially during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. But as more…


Single-Use Plastics Ban NSW: Everything You Need To Know

Single-use plastics such as bags, straws, cutlery, plates, and cotton buds hit a dead end in NSW with a new environmental law banning their use as soon as next year Over the coming years, several Australian states and territories are banning single-use plastic items as part of the government’s commitment…

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Water Bottle Waste Statistics Australia

It’s no wonder that we are living in a thirsty country. In 2019-20, Aussies consumed about 13,874 gigalitres (GL) of drinking water, a 25% leap from 11,120 GL in the previous year. The increased drinking water consumption implies a relevant rise in bottled water generation. If we think about it,…


Can Sneakers, Walking & Running Shoes be Recycled?

Footwear production saw a 2.7% rise in recent years, reaching a total shoe production of up to 24.2 billion pairs. As the world’s footwear industry grows, consumers start waste initiatives and wonder if shoes can walk the path of recycling. We always look for eco-friendly ways to dispose of worn-out…