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Can I Put Wood & Timber Into My Green Recycling Bin

Wood and timber are two essential components of a home, business, or construction project. While you think getting rid of such waste materials is easy, there are various factors to consider before tossing them into your green recycling bin. It’s a given fact that paper is derived from wood and…


Waste Industry Changes: Increase Skip Bin Fees

Is it really necessary? The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has alerted skip bin business operators and homeowners of their proposed changes in the Resource Recovery Orders and Exemptions (RROEs) to be implemented on July 1, 2022.  They said the regulation changes are needed because recent compliance testing conducted by…

scrap metal parts

How To Dispose of Metal in Sydney

Australia generates roughly 5.3 million tonnes of metal and steel annually. A massive portion of it goes into producing consumer goods and construction equipment. But while Australia’s metals industry is rising sustainably, another by-product is keeping up: scrap metal. Many scrap metals in the Greater Sydney Area don’t undergo proper…

Modern furniture

Furniture Waste Statistics Australia 2022

Moving into a new home or renovating your old room can generate massive furniture waste. Damaged cabinets, broken cupboards, dirty textiles, white goods, cheap shelves, and old mattresses make up most of Australia’s furniture waste. Unfortunately, Australia’s rising furniture trend is throwing thousands of tonnes of mass-produced DIY items into…


Laws & Best Practices Around Asbestos Removal in NSW

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is used and seen in many construction projects and even in our homes. However, if not removed and disposed of properly, this mineral has the potential to cause serious health problems. Simply put, asbestos should be removed and disposed of professionally by a…


How to Remove Your Lawn Mower in Sydney

A lawn mower is a machine used to cut grass, and as such, it must be maintained regularly. However, as time passes, this machine’s tenacity deteriorates and eventually stopped working. If your machine is no longer useful and repairing or servicing it will not solve the problem, dispose of it…


How to Safely Remove Residential Wooden Fences in Sydney

There are numerous advantages to installing a wooden fence. Among the reasons for increasing the property’s value, it adds a much-needed privacy barrier to make your home feel safer. However, considering the harsh conditions it endures day in and day out, wooden fences rot over time. When your wooden fence…

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Buying Junk At Junkyards: Is it Worth It?

It’s a sad thing to see good used items go to waste. But, material things, all ran out of value in some way. Most of the time, these items end up in recycling centres, landfills, or junkyards. Junkyards, just like any recycling centres are a great place to find good…