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    Annandale Hoarder Cleanup

    Paul’s Rubbish Removal has been helping friends and families recover from various hoarding conditions in Annandale. For more than ten years, our experts have been offering professional cleaning and disinfection services for hoarders in Annandale and the larger Sydney area. Trust us; hoarder cleanup in Annandale is more common than most people believe. We continue to work confidentially with families and friends of individuals undergoing this serious and sensitive issue and you trust us with your situation too.

    Removing and cleaning up junk and debris from a hoarding site generally involves cleaning the space that a reasonable person would find inhabitable. The task of cleaning such an area is challenging and can be impossible for the untrained. That’s why you should let Paul and his highly-experienced experts help you with this difficult situation.

    Generally, an individual can let garbage and other items of little or no value accumulate to the point that it makes the premises unsafe. In addition to becoming a fire hazard, such an area can become a bacteria colony and be infested by insects and rodents. Needless to say, this condition will affect the hoarder and everyone else including his/her family members and friends.

    As such, it’s important to hire trained and certified professionals to safely salvage valuable items, remove trash items, and ensure that the place is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised.

    Highly-Experienced and Confidential

    At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we’ve helped dozens of families in Annandale deal with hoarding situations in the last ten years. As professionals, we fully understand that hoarding cleanup shouldn’t be treated as a standard cleanup job. That’s because there’s more to deal with than the accumulated junk or piles of rubbish. We not only clean the premises and offer disinfection services but we also offer the utmost support to the hoarder so that he/she can lead a normal clutter-free life.

    Again, we ensure that we provide our hoarder cleanup services in Annandale in the most confidential manner. We will carry out these services without revealing your private information, pictures or neighbourhood.

    Our Hoarder Cleanup Services are Affordable

    Many hoarders are often hesitant to seek professional cleanup services because they often think that it would cost them a fortune. This isn’t the case when you hire Paul’s Rubbish Removal team. We strongly believe in enhancing the well-being of the community and that’s why we offer competitive prices for our hoarder cleanup services.

    We can confidently note that we offer the best pricing rates not just in Annandale but in entire Sydney.

    Do Not Hesitate to Call Us

    Have you decided to live a clutter-free lifestyle and look for the most professional hoarder cleanup services in Annandale? Look no further. You can rest assured that Paul’s Rubbish Removal has the experts, professional tools, and chemicals to clean a hoarding site, remove potential hazards and disinfect it so that you can lead a clutter-free lifestyle.

    Call us on 0407 125 125 and we will help turn your life for the better.


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