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Getting Rid of Back-To-School Rubbish & Junk

It’s almost time. The busy Christmas period and the exciting news years have passed. While we sigh of relief that we’ve survived everything again for another year, it’s time to take care of the kids.

With the official back-to-school date fast approaching, we must get the household junk problem sorted again. Toys, wrappers, new books and stationery must be thrown out or donated to charity.

Depending on your household size, this decluttering (whether it’s decluttering your garage or office space) process may take you a few hours or a few days. It would be best if you started planning immediately so that once the kids return to school, you can start decluttering instantly. The faster you give the house a once-over clean, the happier you’ll be in the long run.

Let’s start with the common items we can dispose of or donate.

1. Books & Stationary

We know that some parents love to store away old books from their child’s previous years for memories. It’s a good way to show how far they’ve come when we finally bring them back to show them ten years later.

However, if you’re finding that heaps of their school books and stationery are either too damaged to reuse or even store, then it’s probably better you pile them all up and either donate the books or dispose of them completely.

Things such as severely worn and damaged backpacks and lunch boxes are common back-to-school items you can dispose of quite easily to free your house of valuable space.

2. Electronics & Toys

This is probably going to be the most common form of junk after the Christmas period. We receive heaps of exciting presents leading up to Christmas and we ultimately realise that most things received we’ll never use.

If you notice that your kids have heaps of broken toys or things they’ll never touch again, either dispose of them or donate them. Don’t let it become a habit of storing junk in the garage which will never be used. Decluttering old children’s toys and broken electronics is key to keeping your house clutter-free and clean in this modern day.

Decluttering old children’s toys and disposing of broken electronics is key to keeping your house clutter-free and clean in this modern day.

3. Bedding, Clothing & Accessories

Much like toys, clothing is often a common gift our kids receive during Christmas. If you’re finding that your kids are fast outgrowing many of their shirts, pants or shoes or that most have suffered significant wear and tear, it may be a good idea to dispose of or donate unwanted clothing.

With back-to-school fast approaching, you’ll need to free up valuable space in the closet to be able to refill your school uniforms. Start planning early, and don’t let this become an ongoing problem.

4. Arts & Craft Projects

It’s natural for children to be proud of their creations, but these items can pile over time. Consider keeping a few special pieces and disposing of the rest. While disposing of them, try not to get sentimental! The reality is that most arts and crafts projects will be left to collect dust without you ever considering even taking them out again.

5. Expired Pantry Food

Much holiday food may still be occupying your fridge or pantry. While your kids prepare to return to school, we recommend completing a full fridge and pantry clear out! Get rid of anything that is either expired or you do not think is healthy to maintain while the kids are back at school. The holiday is now officially over!

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