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Point Piper Hoarder Cleanup

Cleaning a hoarder’s home is stubbornly difficult. It is not only the amount of clearing stuff that is a problem but dealing with the hoarder can be challenging too at an emotional level. Being in business for years now, we at Paul’s Rubbish Removal work through a set of plans to help remove the hoarded rubbish.

Evaluate the Whole Area and Prepare a Decluttering Strategy

Hoarders are really bad at making a firm distinction between valuable and worthless items. They’re afraid of losing any of the items they’ve accumulated over the past. So to address the problem, we really need to consult with the owner and craft a concise strategy. This also addresses underlying reasons as to why they’ve collected such items and why they need to clean them up. Rooms, cupboards along with items are also taken into account. We have years of experience in cleaning up hoarded rubbish in Point Piper, we will help you clean your home from useless hoarded items in the quickest possible time.

Fast Hoarder’s Cleanup Point Piper

When we reach a hoarder’s house, it’s virtually impossible to know what’s lying down under those piles of collection, what amount of dust we’ll encounter, and whether or not there are insects, rats, rodents. So we bring with us some protective gears to combat such situations. These include gloves, dust mask, eye protection glasses, boots, waterproof jackets etc. Our workers at Paul’s Rubbish Removal also utilise the adequate amount of cleaning supplies. These include trash bags (heavy duty), boxes, buckets and mops, shovel, disinfectants, bug sprays, brooms, sponges, vacuum cleaners etc.

Small Rooms First, Large Rooms Follow

People in Point Piper generally call us because things they’ve collected over the years exceed their storage capacity. It can get quite overwhelming to tackle a problem of such a degree. So as a rule of thumb, we start with small rooms first which is usually a good way to kick things off. When a small room is done, it gives us a sense of accomplishment and motivation. But we’ve to alter our plans as per situation and sometimes find ourselves cleaning larger rooms first.

Set Aside Items for Recycling

After we’ve emptied the rooms and piled all the valuables in one corner, we categorise them into discarded and kept items. Kept items find their place back in the house while discarded items are disposed of. But before that, we check each item to see whether they can be recycled or not. If so, we take those items and recycle them with our partners as part of Paul’s Recycling Awareness Initiative. It boosts our morals and helps reduce wastage.

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