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    Rushcutters Furniture Removal

    At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we have always encouraged the community to give away their unused items rather than trashing and causing environmental hazards. It often becomes difficult for an individual to dispose-off household rubbishes. Thus, the company has been set up to deal with rubbish removal effectively. Based in Sydney, we are known for operating in all suburbs, one of these is Rushcutters Bay, and we provide various waste removal services to residential owners and commercial organisations.

    Rushcutters Bay Furniture Junk Removal

    At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we undertake all sorts of rubbish removal activities right from collecting, loading up of waste from the very spot to recycling, and even cleaning up areas after post rubbish removal. Out of the many services that we provide, Furniture removal is one of them. Do you want to dispose-off the worn furniture that has taken up a lot of your space? Then our service is all that you need right now. In Rushcutters Bay, we have been delivering effective services to all people by helping them in removing all unwanted furniture that stacks up unnecessarily at homes.

    Paul’s Rubbish Removal disposes-off old furniture safely as well as efficiently. Paul’s team does the job manually by taking great care while lifting and carrying out the in-house furniture and also recycles all materials wherever possible. Luckily, people living in Rushcutters Bay are now free from all worries of removing heavy unwanted furniture which is a physically demanding task.

    Experienced Furniture Disposal in Rushcutters Bay

    Our experienced furniture removalists in Paul’s Rubbish Removal are physically fit and carry a heavy 3-seater couch safely through flights of stairs and even through slim hallways which are a challenge in itself. We consider no job to be small or big but believe in the challenges that arise in front of us. Every household, especially in Rushcutters Bay, has different kinds of furniture and for a company like Paul’s Rubbish Removal, it does not matter what the furniture is made of. It can be made of wood, metal, glass, leather, fabric, polyurethane or synthetic fibre and we can safely and effectively remove it.

    Paul’s Rubbish Removal believes that the most efficient way of getting rid of antic wooden furniture is by recycling them. There are several recycling centres located across Rushcutters Bay and so we take your disposable furniture to these centres. Typical old wooden furniture is quite large in sizes, and therefore these need to be broken down into smaller pieces before carrying, transporting and recycling these. This includes a fee of a small amount to recycle all your household furniture at these centres.

    If your furniture comprises of untreated wood and most of the recycling centres in Rushcutters Bay refuse to accept them, we are there for you and you can call us whenever you need it. We are thoroughly qualified to handle contaminated timber or untreated wood for appropriate disposal. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we take pride in providing high-quality services to our valued customers at the lowest possible prices.

    Call us on 0407 125 125 for all your furniture and household removal in Rushcutters Bay.


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