Offices and residential houses are basic places that define our life in general. Therefore, there is a need to keep these places as spotless as possible since any trace of mess may mean stress. However, that is not always the case.

Generally, there are a number of commercial items that we tend to collect intentionally or unintentionally. These items range from old items that were left behind by our lost ones to the once cherished items that have run out of fashion.

You will realise that any slight effort to avoid these items will result in a cleaner and clutter-free environment. In fact, a group of professionals in the field of decluttering recommend avoidance of such items in order to keep your rooms safe from clutter.

Here are top items that always find their routes in pack rat’s rooms.

1) Kids toys and playthings

Household kid’s toys and playthings top the list of most collected items. Don’t get it wrong. It is not the kids that do the collection. It is the parents that do it often. We all need to keep good childhood memories of our kids. To most parents, keeping as many toys as possible is linked to keeping a good chunk of these memories.

2) Decorative Cushions and furniture

Sounds a bit odd, but if you need to move some cushions out of your way before having your seat. Genuinely speaking, you will never realise that you are loading excess cushions on your sofa more so when they are of different shades and design. A typical collector will always complain of the huge number of cushions during laundry but will never give throwing them any thought. Most will get rid of their unwanted furniture along with the cushions.

3) Books

If you are a writer or simply a staunch book reader then you definitely know what it takes to throw or give away books. Most of our dusty libraries are full of the once best selling classical books. However, it is better to keep such books covered with dust than to throw or give them away.

Anyway, it is not bad to keep books. We all need some old stuff to keep us smiling more so when loneliness is taking a toll on us. But, we need to keep only the required number. After all, it does not hurt much to share our favourite books with close relatives and friends.

4) Trendy clothes

Most of us are not able to close their wardrobes. They are full to the brim with old clothes that we don’t even know when last we wore them. Some belong to the once trending designs that people cherished several decades ago. But at least they jog our minds with vivid memories of such wonderful moments.

5) Craft supplies

It is a basic reality. We love being crafty or just bump on the crafty feelings that we don’t live to realise. Based on what we watch on social media platforms and TV shows, in a number of occasions we tend to buy craft supplies for basic projects. But most of these supplies end up in stores to be used in the future. However, that future does not usually come. And, when it reaches that moment, another trending crafting project will be there on the social platform.

6) Shopping bags and clearance bins item

We all need to keep the residential houses spotless. The basic reality, however, is that we often feel the size of the bins in our homes. Therefore, just as nature will have it, we normally secure clearance items like shopping bags. But once the items reach our residential spaces, they do not normally find their way through the exit door.

7) Old computers and other electronic gadgets

Good space of our offices and even residential rooms are covered with old computers and other electronic gadgets that we don’t use anymore. Most people feel that such gadgets can only be repaired and replaced once they cannot be repaired anymore. They find it very tough to toss such items on the garbage bins since there is this inherent feeling that they still hold some value in them. Electronic item disposal can be tricky due to their components and hazardous parts.

8) Hand-me-downs

These items come in the form of freebie gifts from friends and relatives. They can be gift cards, baby showers socks, success cards, and more. In several houses, you will find hand-me-downs hanged on walls in the living rooms and bedrooms. They top the list of hard-to-toss items.

9) Newspaper and old magazines

Just like the old clothing and toys, we tend to collect old magazines and newspapers to keep memories of the past occurrences and history. The magazines can be in the form of the once cherished parenting guide, school magazines, politics insight magazines, and more.

Nonetheless, these are just some of the common things that we haul away as rubbish to be disposed of properly. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we specialise in all things junk. Our experienced team has the tools and knowledge to efficient take away practically any type of junk that you need to say goodbye to. Big, small, heavy, light, we’ll take care of it all for you.

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