At times, balancing kids’ work and home life can be difficult for most parents. More so, it may become hard for mum when she has a demanding schedule that makes it almost impossible to be with her kids full-time. 

When staying at home, your program may also not allow you to be always there for your kids, especially if you are a remote employee or freelancer. But it doesn’t have to go this way as you can balance your job and motherhood with the right tips. We provide advice that’ll help you adjust to and juggle between the two roles efficiently. 

1. Let Go of Mum Guilt 

Most mums are often judged for leaving their children alone when they are busy with home chores or work. Fathers, on the other hand, are less judged as they are primarily seen as the providers for their families and should rarely be with kids. This stereotype in our society places women in a less advantageous position as they have to dedicate most of their time to their kids even when they are busy. 

To succeed in balancing your roles, you should focus on the positive aspects of being a working mum. Let go of the feelings of guilt of leaving your child most of the time. Instead, focus on the positive things for your child and family. When you get some free time, spend it with your child, and he will soon feel the extent of your love and the sacrifices that you make to be with him. 

2. Use Time Saving Hacks

To get more done in a short time, you can use some life hacks such as shopping for groceries online and ordering them to be delivered to your door. Also, during your free time, i.e., lunch breaks, get your errands done and attend to your kid. Preparing meals the night before also helps you to be ahead of your schedule and that your kid gets what he needs. 

3. Teach Your Kids to Help with Clean-Up

It is essential to make your kids ease part of your daily chores. However, it only works if your kids are grown and mature enough to handle these tasks. Most kids feel better when they help their moms’ life become more manageable. It gives them pride and a sense of control, knowing that they can help. If you fail to teach your kid, you might be robbing them of the good feeling of helping his parents. 

4. Hire A Trusted Child Care Provider

When at home, you must get someone you trust to take care of your child. Whether it’s a helper, nanny, or anyone who can relieve your schedule, you should hire them. A helper will take care of your child while you’re busy at home. On the other hand, they can also handle your home chores so that you’ll get time with your kid. 

5. Minimize Distractions and Time Wasters

Time is a precious commodity if you are looking forward to balancing your roles at home. When at home, after completing your chores, your focus should be on your child. Minimize the time you watch TV or visiting other friends. Also, the phone can be your greatest distractor, and you must reduce the time you spend socializing. 

6. Spend Time with Your Partner

The key to a happy marriage lies in your relationship with your partner. When not doing home chores, organize with your partner to take your kid to exciting places. Whether it’s a family dinner or visit to the movie theatre, it works magic for your kid, and as he will appreciate the effort and sacrifice that you put into your family. 

7. Stay Organized

The role of a mother is heavy and requires careful planning. Besides the straining house chores, you should be on top in keeping track of doctor appointments, birthdays, buying clothes, and more. Use a planner, app, or other planning apps to ensure you don’t miss any important event or activity. 

Being a mother can be a daunting task for anyone. It involves being at the top of your family’s priorities as well as yours. However, with the right tips, you can balance both your parenting and home chores’ role. 

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