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Fairfield City Council Kerbside Collection

The Fairfield Council has dedicated 2 free scheduled kerbside cleanups each year for residents within the Fairfield City Council. Here, they are provided with the opportunity to throw away their oversized household junk that does not fit into the red lid wheelie bin. Household junk such as broken kitchen appliances and lounge often need replacing and therefore a place to get rid of them.

Homeowners are able to find out about the Fairfield City Council predetermined collection dates by contacting the council directly on 9725 0222 or through the Fairfield City Council website. If you are living within the region, you will receive a mail from the city council to notify you that collection will begin in the following week.

It is important that you follow the conditions and guidelines to ensure that you are able to throw away your rubbish and avoid any infringement for incorrect disposal. Paul’s Rubbish Removal aims to help you properly dispose of your household rubbish for free through the Fairfield City Council with our checklist of things to do.

How to prepare for Fairfield City Council clean-up service

When preparing for your free kerbside Fairfield City Council junk pick up, you should ensure that your unwanted household items meet the following criteria:

1) Accepted by the Fairfield City Council (see below)
2) Placed on the kerbside in front of your property no earlier than the weekend before the collection day
3) Does not exceed a volume of 2 cubic metres
4) The pile is placed neatly and isn’t blocking any pathway
5) All doors are removed from white goods
6) Broken or small household items should be placed in bags or boxes for collection
7) All items can be carried by two people

Household items accepted by Fairfield City Council

The Fairfield City Council will only accept particular common household items that are not particularly hazardous to avoid any potential harm on the workers that are collecting the waste. Here are some items that the council will accept:

  • Furniture and bulky household e.g. lounge, shelves, cabinets, tables, chairs
  • White goods e.g. refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine
  • Small garden waste e.g. branches and twigs

Household items not accepted by Fairfield City Council

When it comes to restricted items, you should not throw out the following items for disposal:

  • Dangerous goods – gas bottles, asbestos, chemicals
  • Car parts – motor oil, engine, tyres
  • Glass – mirrors, window
  • Building materials – bricks, concrete, plasterboard, demolition waste
  • General waste that fits in your wheelie bin
  • Electronic waste – computer, television, electrical cables

If you find yourself with unaccepted waste and need to get rid of it, do not illegally dump it in public. There are Community Recycling Centres available in the Fairfield City Council area to help you dispose of these for free and a small fee for extra waste.

Which suburbs does Fairfield City Council cover?

The Fairfield City Council covers 27 suburbs and an area of approximately 102 km squared with a population of over 198,000 (2016 census).

How we can help

There are often times when you will urgently need to get your household rubbish removed immediately. When this situation arises, the cost, time and space to maintain the rubbish will be there for as long as the rubbish remains. To resolve this crisis, a reputable rubbish removal service such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal is the best solution.

Our quick and cost-effective method for junk removal and disposal in Sydney are made to deliver swift rubbish pick up and go. We’ll send out our nearest team to your location immediately to collect your unwanted goods.

As removal and disposal experts, we specialise in all types of waste including those that are not accepted by the Fairfield City Council. Our team will hand remove and load your junk for you so that you won’t have to do a thing. Just simply point and we’ll get rid of it for you!

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