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If you are in the Lane Cove Council area, you are qualified for up to 4 free household junk clean up each year. A pre-booking is required for each council kerbside collection as there are no scheduled dates. This can be arranged via an online application or by calling the Waste Solutions Hotline on 1300 655 006. It is recommended to book well in advance as it can get quite busy.

The items picked up by the Lane Cove Council are taken directly to a sorting facility landfill where the waste is sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables, thereby reducing landfill. It is always good if waste can avoid ending up in a landfill.

This is because waste in a landfill does nothing except release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere such as methane. A gas that is twenty times more effective in trapping heat than carbon dioxide. The Lane Cove Council encourage residents to reuse, recycle and repurpose as much waste as possible. This can include donating, giving away unwanted items or using free services such as The Bower’s Collection and Rehoming Service to collect your items for their home program.

How to prepare for Lane Cove Council kerbside pick up

If you are planning to prepare for the Lane Cove Council to come and collect your unwanted bulky household items, then here are some things that you will need to adhere to.

1) The allowable size is not exceeded (3 cubic metres and under 90 kilograms)
2) Items are placed on the kerbside the night before collection
3) Items are accepted by the Lane Cove Council
4) The pile is neat, and organised and not obstructing any path
5) Doors are removed from unwanted white goods

Household items accepted by Lane Cove Council

The Lane Cove Council can help you eliminate bulky household waste and other oversized junk that does not fit into your wheelie rubbish bin. They include:

  • White goods e.g. refrigerator, stove, washing machine
  • Furniture e.g. table, chair, shelf, drawers, lounge, mattress
  • Appliances e.g. vacuum cleaners, microwave
  • Household metals e.g. Barbeques, sporting equipment, swing set
  • Small hot water system
  • Carpets e.g. rugs, mats (less than 1.2 metres in length)
  • Lawnmowers

If you do not find your waste in any of the following categories, it is best to assume that the Lane Cove Council does not accept it.

Household items not accepted by Lane Cove Council

Because all junk collected by the Lane Cove Council is taken directly to the landfill, collecting dangerous and toxic waste can risk contamination to the rest of the site. If they are found among your pile, they will be left behind and you will run the risk of illegal dumping. They include:

  • Electronic waste e.g. television, computer
  • Small general household waste e.g. food scrap
  • Building or industrial waste e.g. bricks, plasterboard, tiles, demolition debris
  • Oversized renovation items e.g. bathtubs, vanities, toilets
  • Hazardous waste e.g. chemicals, oil, asbestos, gas bottle, paint
  • Glass e.g. mirror, glass table
  • Car parts e.g. tyres, engine, motor oil
  • Green waste e.g. stumps and branches

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