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Looking for information on how the Liverpool City Council kerbside clean up work? We’ve put together everything you need to know about the Liverpool City Council kerbside clean up service so that you can dispose of your unwanted household rubbish without any worries.

If you live within the Liverpool City Council district, you will be happy to know that you are entitled to 3 different types of household rubbish collections each year. Your household waste is classified as general, metal white goods, and mattress waste.

To organise for a junk collection, you must call the Liverpool City Council on 1300 362 170 or lodge an online application to arrange a collection date. You must ensure that only that particular type of waste is thrown out for collection when organising a free kerbside pick up with the Liverpool City Council.

Ensure that the process is done properly to avoid any miscommunications and issued with an infringement for illegal dumping on the nature strip. That is why we are here to help you with the process step-by-step so that you are confident every step.

How to prepare for Liverpool City Council clean-up service

If you satisfy each listed criteria, you won’t have any problems with the Liverpool City Council kerbside collection service. You can be sure all your junk will be taken away quietly and quickly.

1) Make sure that the items are accepted by the Liverpool City Council (see below) and booked correctly
2) A maximum of 2 cubic metres is allowed per collection
3) Doors from white goods must be removed
4) The pile of garbage is neatly stacked and clear from any path
5) Can be carried by a team of 2 people

Household items accepted by Liverpool City Council

It is important that you put out the correct household items that you have booked otherwise the rubbish pile will not be collected. Here is a list of what the Liverpool City Council accepts during their junk pick up:

  • Mattress (up to 4 per booking)
  • White goods and metal (up to 3 items or 1 cubic metre of metal per booking)
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Loose materials
  • General household repairs waste
  • Empty drums with lids removed

Household items not accepted by Liverpool City Council

The Liverpool City Council does not accept the following items as part of their kerbside junk collection:

  • Hazardous waste – asbestos, chemicals, paint, gas bottles
  • Electronic goods – television, mobile phones, computers
  • The incorrect items to the booked collection

It should be noted that household items not accepted by the Liverpool City Council can be disposed of by other methods. The Liverpool City Council Community Recycling Centre accepts dangerous goods and electronic goods to be recycled and reused. Be sure to keep an eye out for the household chemical drop off dates to dispose of your liquids for free.

Which suburbs does Liverpool City Council cover?

The Liverpool City Council covers 39 suburbs and an area of approximately 305 km squared with a population of over 204,000 (2016 census).

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