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Bulky oversized household items are often inconvenient to remove and dispose of due to the sheer size, weight and time required to get the job done. Once it is out the door, it could end up at a landfill, on the nature strip or skip bin. Leaving the junk on the nature strip too early for council pick up can be seen as illegal dumping in Sydney and you can be penalised.

The Inner West Council provides free rubbish collection for bulky items only via their online booking system. There are no scheduled dates available for council pick up.

Here, residents from Inner West Sydney can arrange to remove unwanted household junk by placing it in front of their property on the kerbside for the Inner West Council to collect. These items are junk that are too large to fit into our weekly wheelie bins. Residents are able to make a booking and cancel according to their needs by providing their details online.

The Inner West Council allows for the collection of up to 2 cubic metres in volume for each collection booked and should be no longer than 2 metres in length. There are certain household waste that the Inner West Council will accept as shown below. A maximum of 3 mattresses can be disposed of per booking.

There is always the option of disposing of the junk yourself at a local recycling centre to ensure that your waste is properly disposed of, and not thrown into a landfill where it is left to produce methane gas. This greenhouse gas has a negative impact on the environment as it is up to 20x more effective than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere. A fee will be required to use their recycling facility.

Items accepted by the Inner West Council

There are four main categories which the Inner West Council accepts for bulky junk collection. It is important that your junk falls under one of the following categories. They are:

  • Household items and furniture e.g. dining table, chairs, lounge, drawers, bookshelf.
    (They should not be longer than 2 metres)
  • Branches e.g. branches, twigs
    (Shorter than 1 metre and no thicker than 15 cm in diameter)
  • Home appliances e.g. refrigerator, dryer, dishwasher, hot water systems
    (Doors from appliances must be removed)
  • Mattress
    (A maximum of three mattresses per collection)

Items not accepted by the Inner West Council

  • Building materials e.g. concrete, sand, brick, plasterboard
  • Car parts e.g. tyres, motor oil, engine
  • Hazardous waste e.g. paint, household chemical, toxic waste, gas bottles, untreated timber
  • General household waste e.g. food scrap, rubbish that belongs in your wheelie bins
  • Garden waste e.g. tree stumps, logs, leaves, rocks,
  • Beds e.g. sofa beds, metal or timber bed frames, pillows, air mattresses

If you have hazardous waste that needs to be disposed of, the Inner West Council has annual events where you are able to drop off your hazardous waste and household chemicals. Mattresses can be recycled if they are relatively in good condition. It is always good to find viable alternatives for items that are possible at renewal. Landsavers are partners of the Inner West Council to recycle mattresses and distribute them to charity.

How to prepare for Inner West Council rubbish collection

When planning to use the Inner West Council for your free household junk removal, ensure that the conditions of the collection are met which includes the type of waste that they pick up and the amount that they are limited to removing. Here are the steps you should follow to ensure a smooth council junk collection:

1) Identify your household junk
2) Items are under 2 metres and volume is less than 2 cubic metres
3) Book a kerbside collection on the Inner West Council website
4) Select from the 4 categories available for collection
5) Place junk on the kerbside the night before collection
6) Ensure the rubbish is not obstructing the footpath or vehicle path

Which suburbs does the Inner West Council cover?

The Inner West Council covers 28 suburbs and an area of approximately 35 km squared with a population of over 182,000 (2016 census).

The alternative solution

Throwing out your unwanted household waste in front of your property is never desirable. It is unsightly, messy and attracts pests to your lovely home. This can be a big problem in the Inner West due to the narrow streets and limited space available.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal services are aimed at preventing the dumping of your household junk onto the streets. We will enter your premises to hand remove almost all types of rubbish.

Best of all, our same-day rubbish removal allows you to dispose of your unwanted household junk today at the most convenient time. We’re here for you 24 hours a day to clean up your garage, basement, backyard or anywhere else in your home from large junk.

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Local Councils Within Sydney

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