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Burwood Council provides residents with three annual free kerbside collection for unwanted bulky household junk that are too big to fit into their wheelie bin. One is a scheduled date set by the Burwood Council and the other two is a booked date (one is for household waste and the other is strictly for garden waste only).

Scheduled dates are generally notified by sending a mail to your home address to inform you two weeks prior to the date of the free scheduled collection date. Be sure to keep an eye out for this if you are planning to get rid of some bulky household junk.

Booking dates can be done online via a form or over the phone to the council directly. You will need to specify the type of junk that you would like to get rid of. There are additional costs involved if you would like to throw away more junk than the amount specified. However, the type of items that they collect will remain the same. If you are seeking to dispose of garbage that isn’t accepted by the Burwood Council, you will need to find an alternative.

Local recycling facilities near the Burwood district is also a useful way to dispose of your unwanted household rubbish in an environmentally way. However, the downfalls of this are that you will need to pay a fee to use the facility, sort out the rubbish and transporting it there yourself.

Using a rubbish removal service is another alternative to your free kerbside collection in Burwood. Services such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal provide quick and easy solutions to your junk disposal. These services will generally accept items that aren’t collected by the Burwood Council and are much more flexible to get the job done that is most convenient for you.

Household items accepted by Burwood Council

Similar to most city councils, the Burwood Council will accept the following household items as part of their free junk collection:

  • Mattress
  • White goods e.g. washing machine, oven, fridge, dryer
  • Carpet
  • Furniture e.g. chairs, cupboard, table, shelves
  • Garden waste (for garden waste pickup only)

Household items aren’t accepted by Burwood Council

When it comes to household item collection, there are certain things that Burwood Council will not accept. The items which are not accepted will need to be properly disposed of via another method. These waste include:

  • Building materials e.g. concrete, soil, sand, drywall
  • Hazardous waste e.g. chemicals, asbestos, oil, paint, gas bottle
  • Car parts e.g. engine, tyres
  • General household waste
  • Electronic waste e.g. computers, mobile phones, television

How to prepare for Burwood Council kerbside collection

There are a few rules when placing your rubbish for the Burwood Council to pick up. Failure to meet these conditions may result in your garbage not being collected or worse, fines and penalties due to illegal dumping. You should follow some things to ensure a successful free council collection.

  • Burwood Council will only accept 1.5 cubic metre of rubbish per household (additional cost for a larger volume)
  • Check that your rubbish is accepted and can be lifted by two people
  • Remove or seal doors on white goods such as fridges
  • The items must be placed in front of your property on the nature strip
  • Your rubbish is not obstructing any vehicle path or walkways
  • Your waste must be placed on the night before the collection day

Which suburbs does Burwood Council cover?

The Burwood Council covers 7 suburbs and an area of approximately 7 km squared with a population of over 36,000 (2016 census).

  • Burwood
  • Burwood Heights
  • Enfield
  • Enfield South
  • Croydon (shared with Inner West Council)
  • Croydon Park (shared with the Canterbury-Bankstown Council and Inner West Council)
  • Strathfield (shared with the City of Canada Bay and Strathfield Council)

The alternative option

If you’ve used up your free council rubbish collection and still have excessive oversized junk that you need to get rid of, our quick and easy services can assist. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that Sydney residents are always given the opportunity to remove their unwanted waste at their desire.

We can attend your site today with our same-day rubbish removal to hand remove and haul off your garbage for quick disposal. Have no fear, we always recycle and donate waste that can be reused. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we do our best to avoid using landfills as much as possible to preserve our environment.

Speak to one of our team members today directly for a free junk collection quote on 0407 125 125!

Local Councils Within Sydney

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