Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most spectacular cities, thanks to its hinterland ranges, waterways, forest, and breathtaking beaches. This city is the sixth largest in Australia and is home to a large population of people, plus many industries and companies. Also, there are so many tourists who flock the Gold Coast each year to enjoy everything this paradise has to offer.

Consequently, the city produces a large amount of waste every year. You can easily understand the Gold Coast City by studying its waste. Here are 10 fascinating facts about the Gold Coast’s Waste:

1) In Gold Coast City, there are two types of waste: solid waste and liquid waste. The solid waste category comprises of any solid material that ends up in Gold Coast’s bins. For example, litter, recyclables, and illegally dumped waste. On the other hand, liquid waste is any fluidic litter like sewage and water waste.

2) Just like in many other places, solid rubbish makes up most of Gold Coast City’s waste. People throw away anything from food scraps to wood and timber, garden waste, old toys and furniture, textiles, disposable nappies, scrap metal, and broken glass. Others are lighting components, vehicles/ appliances, electronics, and batteries.

3) Due to the ever-increasing population of Gold Coast City, the local government has developed a Solid Waste Strategy 2014-2023. The strategy is a solid waste management blueprint to guide the local authorities throughout this period. Authorities expect the amount of waste to increase exponentially, as more and more people relocate to Gold Coast City.

4) The City of Gold Coast has got two active landfills that house all its solid waste. They are the Stapylton landfill and the Reedy Creek landfill. The Stapylton landfill is for waste from household bins while the Reedy Creek landfill is for non-putrescible rubbish that includes commercial waste. All the landfills in Gold Coast City operate as per guidelines set out by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

5) According to a waste audit carried out in 2010, each household in the Gold Coast was producing around 22 kg of waste every week. For each collection, green waste was the highest in terms of percentage. Other types of waste found were food waste, plastics, metals, glass, cardboard/ paper, and the rest (wood, shoes, clothes, nappies, etc.).

6) All the waste collected in Gold Coast City gets buried in either one of the two landfills. The landfills are beneficial to the environment because they produce renewable energy, which is biogas. Currently, Energex (an energy firm) and the Gold Coast City authorities have been extracting biogas from the city’s two active landfills, plus from other two (Molendinar and Sundown) that are non-operational.

7) In 2013-14, Gold Coast City residents produced domestic waste weighing over 107,000 tonnes. Out of all that waste, 42,000 tonnes were recyclable materials. Currently, non-recyclable materials placed in Gold Coast bins every week represent only 5% of the total waste.

8) Back in the day, the ancestors and grandparents of Gold Coast residents reused and saved typically everything. It was primarily because items and supplies were not in abundance as they are now. Now, Gold Coast City authorities want to revamp this old attitudes by encouraging saving and recycling at home, school, workplaces, and all other areas within the city.

9) During the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, various industry players showcased innovation in waste management. Topping the list of innovative strategies that will help the Gold Coast community is the installation of recycling bins in public places. Other creative programs showcased were reducing organic waste in landfills, sustainable purchasing practices, sustainable waste reduction, novel waste community campaigns and education.

10) There are many Rubbish Removal Companies that serve the residents of Gold Coast City. Any reliable rubbish company in Gold Coast City should have the expertise to deal with all types of waste. You can rely on such companies to help you get rid of waste from your home, garage, yard, shed, or even from under the house.

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