How often does your garden generate wastes? And, how efficient do you dispose of them off from the vicinity? Do you just throw them haphazardly in the compound or separately dump them in a dustbin? A garden waste, when left to lie idle, can be a risk factor to numerous tragedies. Here are three major effects of leaving your garden wastes undisposed.

Smelly environment

When the garden wastes decompose, they undergo both biological and chemical processes that alter their composition. For example, your corn leaves can mix with water, twigs and other leaves to produce a foul odour during the process of decomposition.

Oftentimes, people complain of foul smells making them sick. How your body will react to the foul smell is unique and different. However, you can easily fall unwell due to foul smell.

Secondly, an odour can bury your social life. Whenever you pile garden waste near your patio, pavements and even at the back of the house, you stand a risk of losing your friends. Reason being, some are highly sensitive to the smell. Whereas, some fancy glamorous environment that is free from unwanted smell. A smelly environment is a red flag to untidiness.

Lastly, the smelly environment is so detrimental to the health of asthma victims. It can intensify the effect of the illness to fatal level since it blocks the airways. As an asthma patient, you should try thick and thin to track your garden waste generation level and dispose of them effectively for a healthy life.

Risks to inferno

Most forest and bush fires start from piled-up garden waste. This is the reason why forest infernos mainly occur in areas nearing garden. However, the worst of all risks comes when you burn your garden waste close to a bush.

Grasses from lawns and twigs usually act as fuel. Whenever there are explosions in the form of thunderstorm, they can easily be triggered to catch flames. This is the same case with dropping a burning end of cigarettes on the dried yard wastes. Such flames can not only consume the surrounding flora and fauna but also result in damages of properties and even loss of lives.

Water pollution

All forms of improperly dumped waste pose potential risks to water pollution. A garden waste, whether twigs, tree stumps, branches, roots, leaves or grasses, will automatically block the waterways. This results in flooding and mixing of freshwater with the dirty ones.

Garden waste can also decompose in the presence of water to form leachate. When leachate ends up in the water channels, they not only pollute the water but also kill existing aquatic lives. Leachates are common causes of waterborne diseases such as cholera whose effects on human beings are far-reaching.

Threat to biodiversity

Generally, any waste that is improperly disposed of, in one way or another, is a threat to biodiversity. Narrowing down to yard waste, there are sundry of imminent threats that the wastes pose to diversity.

First, yard waste should not end up in the landfill. They usually take the golden space in the landfill that could otherwise be used to store non-biodegradable wastes. Besides, in the landfill, the waste can easily form leachate, a liquid whose significant role in soil and water pollution is worth noting.

When yard wastes degrade, they produce a mixture of gases—carbon dioxide and methane. When the two gases are released into the atmosphere, they trap thermal energy from the sun. As the rates of “trap” increases, the temperature of the atmosphere and earth also increases, hence resulting in global warming.

The impact of global warming on biodiversity is enormous. It causes melting of ice blocks on the mountains hence resulting in an imbalance between the land and oceanic water, leading to tsunamis. Secondly, it causes climate change whose effects include risks to cancerous rays, drought and famine, heavy rains and floods, and a lot more.

It is over the mainstream media that some animal species are undergoing a series of extinction. Due to factors related to global warming, the earth is no longer conducive for their existence. They have been pushed beyond their thermal tolerance hence the need to vacate and even die. This is the reason, white elephants and dinosaurs are histories.


The best way to dispose of your garden waste is through composting. However, some wastes such as the tree trumps and branches are not compostable. You can alternatively lit a bonfire on them. Just make sure that the place you use to light your bonfire is far from the residential house. Limit the bonfires to de-compostable garden waste only.


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