Today, the world is grappling with numerous problems. One of the biggest is the increasing waste production and improper methods of disposal. With increasing populations and spikes in waste, countries all over the world are coming up with strategies to minimise and manage their disposal of waste. This has given birth to new and innovative developments in the management and disposal fields that are likely to transform how the industry operates.

Here are 3 Waste Management Trends to keep an eye on in 2018:

  1. Increased Legal Action

Strict laws concerning waste management, disposal, and recycling have been put in place by various cities and countries all over the world as a way to control the lingering problem. Residents are required to follow these laws, otherwise, they risk jail time or hefty fines. In countries where these laws have been implemented, the results have been incredibly promising thus far.

  1. Banning of Plastic and Polyethylene

These materials take a very long time to biodegrade which makes proper waste disposal and management a daunting task. Besides from having a huge impact on the environment, these materials are also known to cause drainage blockages and water infiltration which leads to flooding and sewage backups in many places around the world.

Many countries have developed policies against the use of plastic and polyethene materials because of their huge impact. Most of these policies involve the banning of production, use, and importation of these materials. Take the supermarket giant Woolworths for example, they have recently become a plastic bag free store. They have introduced reusable shopping bags, which is a great way to save the environment and keep the cities clean.

  1. Population Control

Countries and cities worldwide have realised that there is a close correlation between the increase in population and the increase in trash produced. The best and arguably the most effective solution to waste management is population control. If proper population control measures are put in place then managing and disposing of trash can become less of a problem. One of these measures is the prevention of city expansion.

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