Recycling is the process of turning used products into raw materials so that they can be used to create a different new product. There are three R’s of sustainability, reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is part of the process of sustainable living so as to save our environment and natural resources. This helps us to live today without compromising the lives of future generations. Many people know the importance of recycling, therefore, they sort their trash into recyclable items and fully wasted items before disposal. However, a few people do not understand how important it is to recycle. For this reason, we will look at 8 reasons why we should recycle.

Reduces the amount of trash that ends up in landfills

Landfills pose many health problems to the people living around them. The landfills are also a danger to marine life because most of the trash in the landfill end up in the ocean. Recycling means producing less trash, which in return will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill. Recycle aluminium cans and plastic jars in your house, rather than sending them to your local landfill.

Reduces air pollution

Recycling helps to reduce air pollution. Trash that ends up in landfills decomposes over time causing a stench smell. When we recycle, we help to reduce the amount of toxins produced by factories to make new products. Additionally, recycling paper helps to reduce the number of trees cut. This reduces the greenhouse effect as the trees remove carbon dioxide in the air.

Reduces water pollution

Recycling helps to reduce the contamination of groundwater. Most of the trash that ends up in the landfill is not biodegradable or environmentally friendly. The trash produces chemicals that slowly sip through into the groundwater making it unsafe for consumption. Also, when rain and other runoff water pass through the landfills, it contaminates ponds, rivers and other water sources. Recycling products such as batteries and other e-waste materials helps to keep off contaminants from getting into water supplies.

Saves energy

Manufacturing products from raw materials consumes a lot of non-renewable energy. However, to recreate new items from recycled products, less energy is used. Recycling plastic, glass and aluminium helps to save on the energy used to manufacture goods. Additionally, making goods from recycled materials uses less water, less energy and creates less pollution.

Conserves natural resources

When you recycle products, you help to conserve natural resources and reduce the loss of our biodiversity. Recycling paper means fewer trees are cut and recycling plastic means we use less oil to manufacture new plastics. Recycling reduces our mining activities which conserves natural resources such as coal, gas, oil, water, timber and minerals.

Creates job opportunities

Recycling creates new job opportunities and boosts the economy of a nation. Recycling is a big industry that will employ thousands of people to pick waste, sort and ship the products for recycling. Recycling will also save manufacturers a lot of money to acquire new resources and energy to create products.

It is a chance to make money

There are some industries that offer people a small financial incentive for each material they submit for recycling. Since we all need the extra coin, you can make money by offering aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glass jars that you no longer use for recycling.

A chance to make a difference

Recycling means less waste ends up in landfills. This means there will be less plastic waste that is carried away into oceans. As a result, less marine life will die, fewer diseases, such as respiratory diseases, will be spread, less natural resources will be used and there will be less air pollution. You can become part of the change in conserving our environment through recycling.

Putting waste in a recycling trash can is as easy as putting it in a fully wasted bin. This means there is no excuse to recycle. Get a separate bin for recyclable items in your house and office. If you need a hand with sorting and collecting your rubbish then contact us at Paul’s Rubbish Removal.

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