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The levels of pollution around the globe is at alarming rates. That is why numerous efforts are being made to combat it. One of these efforts is waste management. Waste management involves properly collecting and eliminating waste. All of this is done in regard to the regulations of a particular area’s code of waste management.

For you to manage waste effectively and efficiently, you need a waste management plan. A plan is a document that details everything involving waste management. It explains everything from how things are going to be carried out, to when and how they are going to be carried out. Plans differ depending on the situation.

In this case, we are going to shed light on construction waste management plans. Here is a guide to construction waste management.

The Plan

There are three phases of construction. These stages are; Pre-Construction, During Construction, and Post Construction. We are going to look at each part and highlight the guidelines related to each one of them.


These are waste management efforts put in place before construction even begins. They include;

  • Waste Streams

You need to identify the number of waste streams that are going to be generated. You should also be able to estimate the amount of waste to be generated.

You also need to:

  • Estimate the amount of material expected.
  • Specify the materials to be used in the construction.
  • You also need to inspect the condition of the materials. This is because the condition of a material plays a huge role in various things on the site.
  • You also need to assess the possibility of contamination by hazardous materials.
  • Services 

Your plans should incorporate the services of a professional waste management collector. He/she will be in charge of the entire waste management process of the generated waste. The contractors would also assist in providing data on waste recycling.

  • Onsite

It would help if you were conversant on how waste management processes take place on-site. This includes things like bins and access to other waste management services.

During Construction

These are waste management efforts put in place when the construction of the site is going on. They include:

  • Assigning Responsibilities

You need to communicate with various responsibilities to the personnel. If there are any specific tasks to be completed, make sure you assign them to the right people.

  • Engaging and Educating Staff

As the owner, you should be able to involve the staff in the waste management process. Proper information should be passed to them so that they know what is happening. If the personnel know what is going on, they can provide relevant feedback. For instance, through them, you can know what is working and what is not.

  • Monitoring

You should be able to check whether all the protocols are adhered to. One way of doing this is by asking the personnel questions. You can even undertake site inspection every now and then to see for yourself how things are going.

Inspections, for example, will help you a lot. You get to know if the different waste materials are put in their respective bins. If there are any unexpected waste materials being generated, you also must get to know about them.


This is a waste management strategy put in place after the site is complete.

  • Evaluation

After the construction is done, the only task left is evaluation. You need to look at everything that has taken place and examine it against your initial plan. You can ask yourself two or three questions to help you at this stage.

  • Does the amount of waste generate a match with your estimates?
  • How useful was the on-site bin?

These are some of the questions that should pop up in your head. You can also look at the feedback from the personnel. From there, you can get a complete analysis of how everything took place.


Construction waste management is a tricky affair. This is because some specific rules and regulations need to be followed. There are three construction phases which are; post-construction, pre-construction and during construction. Every stage comes with its own set of guidelines.

One of the guidelines specifies that you need a hire a firm to handle the waste. Therefore, in case you need waste collection services for your site, we are here to serve you.

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