Australian Laws Against Deforestation

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As the effects of deforestation become clearer every year, Australia pushes for more action. From the previous decades, laws and policies are already present to set as a guideline for residents and businesses in the continent. With more problems arising, there is more focus and effort to mitigate the bad effects of deforestation. This way, forests have more protection. There are higher standards for any activities that may compromise the forest lands. 

Illegal Logging Prohibition Act of 2012

Illegal logging is one of the biggest causes of deforestation made for businesses. The illegal trading of timber results in millions in profit that don’t contribute to Australia’s development. In fact, this trade puts forest lands in danger and wildlife in compromise. The deforestation of lands put people in danger with the higher occurrence of soil erosions and flooding to nearby areas. Deforestation affects Australian residents more than anything else.

The Illegal Logging Prohibition Act of 2012 aims to do this: “reduce the harmful environmental, social and economic impacts of illegal logging by restricting the importation and sale of illegally logged timber products in Australia.”

Reviews indicate that the act is too broad in scope. Although it does not completely take out illegal timber trade in the domestic markets, there are positive changes in industries in Australia. The act is effective in setting a standard among local sceneries. The review indicates that “… KPMG review found evidence that the due diligence requirements (even under the soft-start arrangements) were driving change and affecting Australia’s timber supply chains.”

National Forest Policy of 1992

The National Forest Policy is a policy that aims to strengthen the protection of the forests. Forests in different territories of Australia are in danger because of many illegal logging and unrecorded deforestation activities. The goals of the policy include the following:

  • Conservation of forests for the current and future generations
  • Production of competitive yet sustainable wood products that are advantageous for the economy
  • Better coordination and management between forest management agencies
  • Expansions of Australian commercial plantations of wood
  • Higher quality water supply and better management from forested land
  • Sustainable management of forests for more stimulated tourism
  • Employment opportunities in line with the forests
  • Public engagement and involvement in keeping the forest safe
  • Research and development for more efficient methods of keeping the forest from harm
  • Maintain international relationships relevant in keeping the forest lands

Each territory has its own formulated strategy to enact the National Forest Policy. State and territory governments directly take care of forest management matters. The local governments are responsible for the use of their respective local lands. The Commonwealth deals with the national management of the resources that include the forest. Although territorial differences caused some rift, eventually, all Australian territories came to sign their support for the policy. 


The Australian laws that fight against deforestation are more relevant now than ever. Converted forest lands that decades ago lost their ability to maintain a more balanced nature. Calamities and on-going global disasters affect the present generation, but they are worse for future generations. Unless the world works together to keep the forests from depleting, Sister Dorothy Stang is right. ”The death of the forest is the end of our life.”

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