Every time you clean the house and take out the trash to the kerbside, you rarely think about what happens to that rubbish. For you, it might just be another day in your cleaning routine.

Here we will look closely at the processes different waste materials go through after being deposited on the kerb for collection.

1) Incineration

Incineration is one of the most common waste treatment processes. It involves the combustion of waste products under very high temperature. The machine used in this process is known as an incinerator. The process is as follows:

  • The waste materials put into a pre-treatment chamber where thickening, dewatering and drying take place.
  • The dried waste moves to the combustion chamber where the burning takes place. Combustion produces flue gas and heat as by-products.
  • The incinerator has an energy recovery chamber to conserve energy. The system is designed to recover energy for electricity or heat.

The process then ends at the cleaning chamber. Here you will find the scrubber and fabric filters, both of which play a huge role in getting rid of the ash and other residuals.

2) Recycling

Recycling is a common practice that has existed for decades. It is the conversion of waste materials into new items and objects. Glass is one of the materials you deposit on the kerbside that undergoes recycling.

Once the glass is collected and reaches the recycling plant, sorting takes place. After that, the glass is washed to remove impurities and dirt.

The pieces of glass are crushed continuously so that the resulting product is as smooth as possible. The crushed glass is then melted to enable it to be used to make other items. Moulding then takes place, and this facilitates the manufacture of new products like bottles and jars.

Glass is not the only thing that is recycled. Items like boxes undergo treatment and then made into something more useful. When the process is complete, the pieces become new paper and packaging material.

3) Making of Fertiliser

Food waste is the most common material found in kerbside rubbish. Many people may think that as soon as food waste is collected, it is dumped somewhere and then forgotten. The idea may be accurate in some cases, but in many cases, food waste is useful in making fertiliser.

The process is usually carried out in the following steps;

  • Pouring of the food waste in a compost heap/bin where there is plenty of sunlight.
  • There is an addition of water to the heap.
  • The heap is then turned regularly to speed up decomposition. The pile undergoes anaerobic digestion to yield the desired result.

Once the process is complete, the resultant fertiliser is obtained and used to increase the soil’s fertility. Fertiliser made through this method is known as compost manure.

Garden waste is also an excellent example of items that waste products used in making the soil fertile. Once composted, the manure helps in the horticultural sector.

4) Making Fuel

Plastic is among the most used items in almost all households as it can be used to serve a wide range of needs. Once the plastic reaches the relevant processing plant, it undergoes a particular process to obtain fuel as the end product. The process is as follows:

  • The plastics are first shredded and then heated to about 400 degrees. The heating takes place in a chamber known as pyrolysis.
  • As the process goes on, gas is separated out and often used to fuel the entire chamber.
  • Fuel obtained from this process is then filtered and collected.

The entire process is carried out in a vacuum, thereby making sure that there is no release of no toxins into the air.

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