Common Tools Used in a Small Demolition

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No job can be done right without the right tools. Demolition is the same, it can be a demanding job. It’s more than just ordinary carpentry. It always involves tampering with the structural components of your building. Before you begin any demolition project, be sure you are stocked up on the relevant tools and equipment. Preparation is key to any project.

Having the right demolition tools not only allows you to carry out a satisfactory job, but also protects you against all sorts of site-related injuries.

Whether it is a residential building, an office space or an industrial warehouse, each demolition project is totally unique. Demolishing a structure certainly requires a lot of careful consideration. The manner in which a building should be demolished depends on several factors such as its size, the materials used in the construction and perhaps the location of the structure.

When it comes to drilling through a structure, there seems to be an endless array of highly specialised tools and equipment that claim to be up to the task. However, for residential structures and small buildings, the demolition process can be reasonably straightforward.

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Here are some of the common demolition tools that you will find yourself using during a small demolition:


It is often used as a lever to force apart two objects. It can also be used to remove nails from components. It features a cat’s paw shape at one end for digging out nails and a V-shaped chisel notch and nail slot at the other end. You can do just about anything with a crowbar, from dismantling wall framing, extracting nails from parts to lifting shingles. This is a highly versatile tool that should be at the top of your demolition and remodelling list.


No demolition and remodelling toolbox is complete without a top-end sledgehammer. Typically, this is a demolition tool that features a large, flat, usually metal head, attached to a relatively long handle. Thanks to the shape of its head, a sledgehammer can exert more force than many hammers of the same size. It has the ability to distribute the force over a wide area which enables you to dismantle nearly everything in the house. No small demolition is complete without a sledgehammer.

Oscillating multi-tool

Although most small demolition and remodelling projects can be a savage business, sometimes precision can be important. This is where an oscillating multi-tool proves useful. With the perfect blades and accessories, an oscillating tool simply enables you to cut through a range of materials, from wood, drywall, fibreglass, plastic and metals. A typical oscillating tool also boasts interchangeable heads for handling various applications such as sanding, cutting, scraping as well as polishing. As a result of its high level of versatility, the oscillating multi-tool has successfully won over a legion of woodworkers, DIY fanatics as well as established contractors.


Demolition projects will always involve lots of cutting. Cast-iron pipes, nail-studded framing lumber and shingles are just a few examples of components that may require cutting. Only one tool can handle all these; a hacksaw. This tool makes your demolition work easier and more fun. It’s your ultimate demolition tool.

A ladder

This is another essential demolition tool you must have at your disposal. Don’t hope to achieve any demolition work while on standing buckets and boxes. You’ll be asking for a free ride to the hospital. Use a step ladder or an extension ladder to access those raised spots and areas within the room.


You won’t be able to work on those hidden areas that you can’t see. This implies that you must have effective lighting equipment at your disposal. Your lighting tool must feature free-standing and hanging lighting. You also want a hands-free light which you can put on, such as a headlamp.

Pliers and snips

Pliers, especially side-cutters are great at cutting all electrical cables. However, for more demanding electrical work, you’ll need wire cutters. As always, before embarking on any electrical work, ensure that the power is off! You can also use the flat jaws of pliers for levering out the nails. On the other hand, snips are the way to go when cutting out aluminium window frames or even an old HVAC duct.


You are going to require various types of tape. Scotch, duct, masking and so on. They can be used to bind electrical components, to make water-tight connections and for patching tarps.

Protective gear

To protect yourself against the risk of an injury, you’ll need effective protective gear at your disposal. You’ll need a pair of high-quality gloves, goggles, headgear and an overall to say the least. Good quality masks are almost a must when carrying out a demolition or strip out due to the dust and debris that can be inhaled and cause harm.

If this sounds like too much for you and you don’t have the necessary tools to carry out a demolition job, then contact a professional service that can do the job for you correctly. There are many things that can do wrong during a small demolition. Paul’s Rubbish Removal has the qualified team, resources and tools to get the job done at incredible prices. Our strip out and demolition services are suitable for all types of jobs.

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