Right now, the world is in a period of rough challenges. These trying times are getting even more complicated and more difficult to gear through with the continuing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of people have been affected and there’s no certainty that the contagious virus will have a cure anytime soon. The only thing that aids in the gradual cessation of the virus is a cure and the only thing we can do now is stay indoors to slow it down.

Small businesses are especially more hurt in this period of trials. That local food corner you might fancy can’t have store operations due to the lockdown that was put into place by your local councils. The same is the same for your favourite ice cream stalls that might only have the delivery option right now. Moreover, among these local businesses, your local rubbish removal companies are facing a challenge in the midst of this global crisis. 

As the COVID-19 disease continues to affect the lives of people, how exactly does it impair businesses? Why does it pose a challenge to rubbish removal companies around? These are some of the reasons why COVID-19 is a big threat to your local rubbish removalists:


Many businesses are on a slow down. Some are even on a complete halt. Moreover, operations is definitely a bit slower and down for your local rubbish removal companies. With the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers will behave differently in this time. Priorities are in strict placement for each household. People might not have the need to have their rubbish collected as often as they thought they need. They will definitely take advantage of free pickups too.

You might end up having your own system or management methods of waste at home to lessen expenses and costs. These costs can be an additional budget for more imminent needs like food, water, medication, internet connection (especially for those that are on Work-from-Home arrangements). This makes the demand for your favourite rubbish removalists far less favourable than usual.


Global economic conditions have changed due to shifting productive behaviour by the labour force. There is an estimated change in employment for companies. For each industry, it might be different, some companies thrive in the outbreak and others are put on a slow down because of the quarantine restrictions. The government gives aid to small to medium enterprises to recuperate in this trial, however, demand is where the revenue is really streaming.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spikes down the demand for local rubbish removal companies, your local rubbish removalists who work every day to collect your requested waste might be put in a very slippery situation right now. Low demand for rubbish removals means that your rubbish removal companies also need to mitigate their own losses on their own accord and in their better judgment. Depending on the firm, this pandemic might mean letting some people go.


The greatest risk for this whole crisis is really public health. Even for many local rubbish removal firms, having work means however really going out to collect trash. The phenomenon of social distancing was placed due to the high contagiousness from direct contact with people. However, dirty environments also aid in spreading the virus. Local rubbish removal companies have the duty to provide PPE to their rubbish removalists, but they’re still very susceptible to the virus.

Going out of homes is already a risk in itself. Personal proper hygiene is mandatory. With the nature of rubbish removal where rubbish removalists really deal with waste and dirty matters at hand, they are also frontliners in this whole fight. They are directly put into exposure to the virus, thereby also hurting the company they work for. For your rubbish removalists, the more exposed they can be, the more their healths are put into harm.


Paul’s Rubbish Removal has been serving many customers for more than a decade. With this trying times, we salute you all for staying strong despite the challenge. Let’s all do our part to completely mitigate the problem on hand. If there’s anything we can do for your rubbish needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call 0407 125 125 or send us an email at info@paulsrubbish.com.au

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