Through the years, we are relying on trees for oxygen, fruits, wood products, and housing materials. But, humans can be greedy. Today, we are facing deforestation issues around the world as the population continues to increase. 

Deforestation involves cutting of trees for human consumption or clearance for mining activities and agricultural purposes. According to the scientists of the University of Maryland, the tropical tree cover loss of 158,000 square kilometres in 2017 was the second-worst record in years, worldwide. Despite the efforts of environmental groups, large-scale production of livestock, illegal logging, and irresponsible mining are to blame for the mentioned statistics. 

Today, Paul’s Rubbish Removal will discuss how deforestation increases our pollution problems. It will be a helpful guide to know the impact of deforestation and how we can help the environment. 

Deforestation Aggravates the Effect of Air Pollution 

With millions of trees cut down each year, we are reducing carbon dioxide absorbers and oxygen providers. In the deforested parts of Amazon rainforest, it is releasing more carbon dioxide than absorbing oxygen. This is because dead trees release stored carbon dioxide. Its release aggravates the effect of air pollution in the atmosphere. 

Moreover, livestock production is maximising forest lands and converting them as pastures for grazing. With the clearing of natural forest resources and increasing food demand, wastes generated from food are bound to accumulate. They can end up in landfills and emit methane gas into the atmosphere during their decaying process. Methane is more potent than carbon dioxide, which means it can worsen the effect of air pollution. 

Both carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change. Thus, we should demand authorities, the mining industry, wood manufacturers, and cattle farmers to practice responsible use of our natural resources and avoid illegal activities.     

Deforestation Intensifies Water Pollution

During heavy rainfalls, trees absorb water underground. It can prevent floods, and block landslide debris in reaching nearby communities. However, with large-scale deforestation, forests can’t provide us with the mentioned benefits. 

The debris from trees, soil, and rocks can reach the bodies of water and harm marine life. Deforestation triggers soil erosion that can lead to increased pollution and sedimentation in rivers or streams. These can clog waterways and cause declines in fishes and other species. Moreover, deforestation also diminishes the quality of drinking water in the area. 

Deforestation Volumes Noise Pollution

Trees can act as noise barriers to prevent noise pollution. In a busy street where cars and people pass by, elevated sound levels can lead to adverse effects such as hypertension, sleep disturbances, dementia and psychological dysfunction. In the city, we can’t avoid noise, but we can relax when we go on a forest trip.

However, if deforestation cuts down too many trees, we can’t escape from the problem of noise pollution. Also, animals living in the forests suffer as we take their home and disturb them with noise pollution. Note that every tree that we take down, forest animals are also affected. 


Deforestation is a selfish human act. Maybe we can enjoy the forest resources for now, but in the future, it can bring detrimental effects. We don’t need to wait as we experience some of them right now. Deforestation increases our air, water, and noise pollution problems on a scale you can’t even imagine. 

How can we help? Demand authorities to enforce stricter laws and urge businesses to avoid exploiting our forest resources. We must collectively act now before it is too late. 

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