The process of cleaning a home, especially if it has accumulated items that you would want to dispose of is usually an overwhelming task. Moreover, most people do not know the right time to get rid of the items they do not need in their homes. But when it comes to the removal method, eco-friendly junk removal methods are desirable. The big benefits of going green are obvious, but finding a good junk removal method that meets your budget can be hard.

Why eco-friendly junk removal is important

A large percentage of people hate rubbish removal tasks, but they tend to forget that it is something that they have to do regularly. If the junk has been lying inside the garage or the basement for a very long time, it is the best time to plan on the disposal process. Before you start the disposing process, it is also good you identify and categorise the junk depending on the types. That includes furniture, clothes, appliances and electronics that you have to dispose of in a different way. To remove and dispose of the junk from your home, it is good you engage a rubbish removal company.

The role of Paul’s Rubbish Removal in environmentally friendly junk disposal

Paul’s Rubbish Removal has experts specialising in residential cleanups, office strip outs, factory and warehouse clear-outs, removal of small and large demolition rubble, industrial rubbish removal, end of lease cleaning and industrial and commercial rubbish removal. We are here to help you avoid the hassles, high costs and heavy lifting associated with environmentally friendly rubbish disposal.

Our team is able to remove and dispose of a very wide range of commercial, domestic and industrial refuse at competitive prices. That includes everything from the typical household rubbish to the speciality garbage such as green waste, from furniture to the rubble associated with building sites. Whether you need us to collect your old cutlery, computers, concrete, timber or bricks, our team will do that fast, efficiently and in an affordable way. We are committed to offering higher standards of customer care and services. After you contact us, our team will arrive promptly and start the disposal job. We do deceased estate cleanouts too for the rental properties or deceased estates.

The environmentally friendly rubbish removal methods

The standard methods include donating, reusing, recycling and generating energy and in case of wood furniture, use as firewood. 


Recycling is among the eco-friendly methods that can help us keep the environment clean. Most of the items, such as furniture pieces, you use in your home and office are recyclable. The recyclable furniture includes sofas, couches, sofa beds and mattresses. The chair wood and lubber can be re-milled to make new flooring, windows and doors. On the other hand, are usable as scrap metal to make new products. Most of the parts in electronics are recyclable too.


Re-use of old items is seemingly tricky, but it goes a long way in the preservation of the environment. By disposing of the things you do not require while remaining environmentally conscious can be hard, but the benefits will outweigh all the hassles. You can use old bowls to grow more flowers or plants. You can use the trash containers as flower stands.


Your junk can be valuable to another person. Before you think of other methods of removing the junk from your office or home, check whether there are people within your area who require the items. Giving some of your items to the local charities can be more fulfilling and might help you earn some money. With a donation receipt, you can claim for tax deductions too. Some of the things you can donate are books, mattresses, appliances and electronics. They should not end up in landfills.

Selling the items

Even though the items might appear outdated or useless, some people might consider them worth having and valuable. We can help you organise garage sales, post the items online and you are likely to get surprised at the money you make. That way, you will also ensure that the junk does not end up in landfills.

Even though junk removal is seemingly overwhelming and hectic, eco-friendly junk removal methods should provide you with enough insights on the associated benefits. We will help you stick to the helpful methods that are eco-friendly too. We are able to remove large amounts of garbage faster.

Call Paul’s Rubbish Removal for your environmentally-friendly method of local rubbish removal. Our team are available 24 hours a day to provide you with superior services. Reach out to us on 0407 125 125 for a free quotation.

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