Everyone is not a stranger to reusing items and things in their home. Reusing items destined to be in the trash is another story. If you’re on your journey to include more reuse to your waste management, then deciding the items that are still acceptable for reuse can be a bit tricky. You’ll need to look up on the items, assess its condition and ultimately decide whether that thing is worth another use and function in your home. it’s hard, but not impossible.

To help you decide on your choice for reusing rubbish from the pile, here are some common rubbish items that are reusable. They may not give you the same use as intended to, but they’re still useful for you in another form at home.

Glass products

Glass products are sturdy and strong. As a result, glass is often recycled and reused. You can use a glass bottle to store future liquid products you have. All you need to do is clean it up instead of throwing them out. Make your next water storage in the fridge a line of wine bottles you own.


Paper can still be useful especially if they’re not crumpled or shredded to smaller pieces. Check your stack of paper waste and look at the backside, if it’s blank, you can use them as another rim for your printed documents.

Plastic bottles

Like glass products, some plastic products like plastic bottles can still store any form of liquid. Make sure to tidy them up to avoid any contamination or unhygienic effects for storage. You can use plastic bottles to store some liquid home products bound for disposal.

Tin cans

Tin is a strong material. Tin cans are reusable too. Make your next batch of pot flowers and shrubs in tin cans. You can also use tin cans to store things at home and in the open. Now imagine your kitchen counter with a bunch of clean tin cans holding random things that you always reach out for.


It may seem logical to throw out your toothbrush after it’s worn out and too stretched out to use. Take a pause. You can still use toothbrushes as additional cleaning supplies. A toothbrush is especially useful for scrubbing corners and narrow partitions.

Paper bags

Paper bags are useful as additional packaging for you. If you have guests over who you want to go home with your food from dinner, voila, a stack of paper bags are there for you, ready. Make sure to store them well to avoid crumple and misfolds.

Cardboard boxes

Baggers and store staff use cardboard boxes to store products especially straight from the store. You can do the same to the products you have at home. you don’t need to spend a lot to store garage things. You can reuse cardboard boxes.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are reusable to store other things. They are good to reuse for your future waste batches. For example, for food waste, you can store them first tightly in plastic bags before throwing them out or sending them to another compost pit.

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is reusable especially if it’s crumpled or too folded, and it doesn’t have any punctures and holes. Clean used aluminium foil from food debris and flatten it well. If you can’t use it for food anymore, you can use it as a reflector for lights that you have in the backyard.


Many reusable home products are commonly mistaken as something sent straight to the rubbish after a couple of uses or a single-use. Most products designed, like some old furniture or packaging material, withstand many uses. If you want to reduce your household waste generation, try to find other uses for your rubbish instead of sending them straight to the bin afterwards. It may seem small but it will help the waste volume situation in Sydney.

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