In building your dream home, you’ll reach a point of deliberation where you’ll choose whether or not to build from scratch or to build over an existing foundation and structure. This is especially more pronounced for properties with existing buildings and formations. If there’s an existing building in the location, will you choose to completely demolish it or just to refurbish it? At first, it may seem like the more cost-effective choice is to renovate, but sometimes it’s not.

First of all, what is a home demolition? What does it involve and how does it affect your decision in building your property over? A house demolition means you completely wreck the existing house or building in the area and start building over again. You completely destroy the building before building over a new one. This means you’ll have the liberty to choose the layout again. It involves starting over from scratch and working with your building team.

Second of all what is a house refurbishment? Does it mean a complete difference from a house demolition? A house refurbishment is just a house renovation. You may deconstruct and reconstruct an area in your home but the foundation remains. You’ll add internal and external Changes but you’re not completely starting from scratch in terms of construction. House refurbishments are your basic house makeovers.

So when should you choose a house demolition or a house refurbishment? These are the factors to consider in making sure that you pick the right decision for your home.


The most important thing you’ll probably consider is the financial aspect of your house project. A house demolition is not necessarily more expensive than a refurbishment. Sometimes, you’ll spend more on a refurbishment because of all the grand changes you’ll be making despite the retention of foundation. Maybe you’re choosing a house demolition because you want a complete sweep of design and layout. You’re choosing a more economical house.

There’s no definite way to know which costs more, but it helps to plan out your focus in your dream home. Do you want to focus more on renovations and additions both inside and outside? Choose a refurbishment. Do you want to completely change the structure for more functional reasons? Then choose a demolition.


The location of the property also contributes to this decision. Some properties are more high maintenance than the others and as such, if there’s an existing property already tailor-fitted and built, improving it still retains how you can efficiently manage the place. Maybe the usable lot area of your property is better designed for a complete start over of building your dream house. If you also need to focus more on managing the location than the house, plan out well.

The condition of your location is also just as important as the house you’re going to build. Spaces should be as well-maintained as your home.


Time is also a major factor for you. If you want something rushed and built in a specified time frame, it’s better to consider a refurbishment than a demolition since starting from scratch generally takes more time than just changing some parts of the foundation. Although it may also affect your costs to have a rushed construction job at short notice, your personal time schedule is also an important factor in considering a refurbishment over a demolition.

Your target dates also affect the price you’re going to pay for. After all, time is also money and this includes construction jobs, the budget you’re willing to spend might vary depending on the rate of your house changes. 


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