There are several benefits of owning a steam cleaner. They’re great for cleaning floors and various surfaces, such as countertops and bathtubs. Some models come with attachments that allow you to use the same device on your car or even the tile work on the floor of your shower.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use a steam cleaner.

1. Hot water cleaning better than chemicals

Cleaning with hot water is more sanitary than using chemical cleaners and paper towels (or rags) to clean surfaces like cabinets and countertops. That’s because germs and bacteria live in those areas where all those dirty dishes accumulate, particularly on kitchen sponges. Using a hot steam cleaner kills germs without leaving toxic residue behind.

2. Steam cleaners deodorise

3. Not only are steam cleaners able to remove soap scum and limescale from your shower stall or tub, but they also help prevent the build-up of these deposits. This is because dirt and soap residue adheres to hot water alone (which is what passes through a steam cleaner). When you use a regular mop to clean surfaces in your bathroom, dirt can remain behind where it doesn’t evaporate completely or get washed away; then when the dirty water evaporates, it leaves that same grime behind. With a steam cleaner, there’s no need to worry about leftover residue.

4. Say goodbye to dust mites

Steam cleaners kill dust mites. Dust mites live on their own feces which includes pieces of dead skin cells. The hot water and steam produced by a steam cleaner can actually kill dust mites and remove them from the surfaces you clean.

5. Effective cleaning hard surfaces

Steam cleaners do an excellent job of cleaning hard surface flooring. The high-temperature steaming process helps to loosen dirt and grime so it’s easier to rinse away with hot water, leaving your floors clean without having to use detergents or harsh chemicals. Tile flooring should be treated the same as any other kind of hard surface flooring when using a steam cleaner.

6. Using chemicals may be a danger to indoor pets

Using chemicals in your home is not necessary, especially if you have small children or pets running around on your floors. There are several natural alternatives for making homemade window or glass cleaners that do just as good a job at cleaning and disinfecting surfaces as commercial cleaners. You can even use distilled white vinegar and water to clean your floors and other surfaces, which also leaves behind a pleasant scent.

7. Eco-friendly steam cleaning

Steam cleaners are safe for the environment. Chemical cleaners contain toxic substances that do not break down in landfills, so they can cause problems with water runoff when you discard or empty them out (plus, steam cleaners help reduce the number of chemicals you need to buy by cleaning more often). They’re also eco-friendly because there’s no electricity required; all you need is hot tap water.

8. Effective at cleaning carpets

Steam cleaners are safe for all types of flooring, including your carpet. You may be tempted to use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush attachment on your carpet, but this damages fibres and wearing them down makes it harder to clean up after spills. However, when you steam clean carpets, nothing is dragged across the fibres so there’s no chance of damaging them. The high heat emitted by steam simply loosens dirt and debris embedded in the fibres so they can be easily removed with water.

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