Household Items You Don’t Need for 2019

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It has been proven that cluttered spaces will cause you stress. With the extra stimuli created by a disorderly environment, your cognitive function becomes easily overwhelmed and this can make you increasingly irritable. What’s more, clutter makes you more ashamed of your house and this, in turn, can create even more stress.

Stress, on the other hand, makes you restless thus impacting on your sleep and weight. Simply put, there is a link between junk and other problems. And you can always feel it when your wardrobe is disorganised, your bedroom is messy or when there are lots of toys on your dining table.

So if you want to stay healthy and have the much-needed peace of mind, decluttering your house is a must. There are probably lots of items in your home that you can get rid of to free up more space. You can sell them, donate some to charity or dispose of them off completely. It may seem difficult to part with some items but considering the associated long-term benefits of having more open space, all you need is to declutter your life.

As we approach 2019, here are some household junk that you won’t need anymore!

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1) Cookbooks and old textbooks

The internet is full of useful cooking tips, a phenomenon that has made cookbooks obsolete. You basically don’t need to keep cookbooks in your house any more. Sure, they may look productive, but they only take up valuable space.

The same applies to old textbooks that you rarely use. You might have some sentimental attachment to some of your old books from your campus days but the truth is that they are not important. They are not only bulky, contain outdated information but take up a lot of your space.

2) Kid toys

Is it really reasonable to keep toys that your kids have outgrown? Sanitize and donate these items and free up space in your home. It may be difficult to take away toys from young kids. Your kid may not have played with a toy for months but will likely start to cry when you attempt to get rid of it! Start teaching your children early to give away the toys they no longer use.

3) Old clothes

There are probably lots of old clothes in your wardrobe. In fact, you can hardly remember the last time you put on some of them. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to get rid of old clothing. If you have never worn that pair of trousers for the last two years, the chances are high that you won’t put it on now or in the near future. You can donate them to a local charity or sell them for a profit. As an avid minimalist, only keep a few clothes which are of high quality.

4) Deep fryer

This is another item that you essentially don’t need. Unless you really need to pump extra fat into your diet or you regularly host parties in your home then you won’t have the need for this. Not only does it seem smelly but it’s hard to clean as well.

5) Old mobile phones

Every year, an array of new, powerful and feature-packed mobile phones continue to flood the market and there is no good reason to keep your old ones. Of course, this does not entirely imply that you must invest in a new device each passing year. However, it is always advisable to go with the current trend.

6) Expired medication

Get to know the various expiry dates on your vitamins or any other type of medicine you have in your house. All out of date medication products should be disposed of immediately. However, it is imperative to note that medications need to be disposed of appropriately. The best way is to take them back to the chemist.

7) Old newspapers and magazines

Even if you are a fan of magazines and newspapers, they don’t have much value (unless they are a collectible) and are rendered useless after a short period. There are lots of information on the internet and you can always access it from anywhere in the world. This saves you the hassle of storing physical copies.

8) Old televisions

Old television sets are not only power-hungry but bulky and outdated. Surely, in this age and era, no one deserves such a household device. The emergence of smartphones, smart TVs coupled with the introduction of online streaming services implies that you can actually get rid of your old TV. With the addition of TV show providers such as Netflix and Hulu available on the internet, your TV simply cannot compete.

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