Do you feel like renovating your bathroom? If you do, you have to understand the renovation process fully. The renovation process starts with demolishing the old bathroom to make space for the new one. Before you embark on demolition, you must ensure that a few things are in order and this is called preparing your old bathroom. There are numerous means of preparing your bathroom. In case you have no idea of how to go about it, here are some of the ways of preparing for a bathroom demolition and renovation.

1) Hire a reliable rubbish removal service

You may be tempted to rent a skip bin to remove your waste, but have you considered the time, cost and labour that you could save from engaging with a professional removal team? Not only will they remove the debris and waste for you, but they can also be involved in the process of demolition and removal. They are trained and experienced with heavy machinery and tools to get any job done. This is a really advantageous service to utilise especially if you are undertaking the renovation by yourself.

2) Decluttering

Before any demolishing starts, make sure you have cleared out any small items that you do not wish to get lost in the process or get thrown away. This is an excellent time to go through your bathroom cupboards, counters, and shelves cross-checking if there two or three things you would like to keep. As you declutter, there are high chances that you may come across various long lost items that you no longer use. In case you find such things, you can donate them to the less fortunate if they are in good condition.

3) Salvage any reusable and valuable items

If there are any items in the bathroom, especially on the walls that you would like to use in the new design, ensure that you take them and store them properly. Such items can be cabinets and shelves on the wall that you think are still useful and perhaps go well with your new bathroom. You can also remove mirrors you can use later on. Removal of mirrors is also critical in this stage as it prevents any accidents that may occur during the actual demolition process.

4) Shut off the water and electricity of the bathroom

Before the building experts now come and start demolishing and renovating your bathroom space, make sure you shut off all the utilities in your bathroom. Utilities, in this case, refer to the bathroom’s electricity and water supply.

There are a wide variety of ways in which you can use to shut off the water supply, and they all depend on the set up of your plumbing system.

For bathrooms with copper piping:


  • Using the sink’s valve, cut off the sink’s water supply.
  • You can then check on the toilet’s wall or floor for the toilet valve. Once you have found it turn it off.
  • When trying to shut off water to the shower, check behind the shower’s wall. You will find a valve and then do the same, turn it off.
  • The case is different when you are using a manifold system.


  • Go to the main water supply lines and try to find the manifold lines.
  • Once you have found the manifold lines, go through each one of them until you find the bathroom lines.
  • Turn the valve on the bathroom’s line off. Usually, this is occasionally done using a manifold key.

5) Drain any water in taps, pipes and the toilet

When demolitions start a lot of hammering, pounding and breaking take place. In some cases, as the demolishing team tries to get rid of old taps and pipes, a small-scale flood may occur. To avoid this, you should always turn on all of the faucets in the bathroom. Do this until you are sure that no water is running out. Of course, you should do this after cutting the water supply to the bathroom. You should also drain any water that s remaining in pipes. You should also flush the toilet and dry it up to ensure that no water is left.

Renovating your bathroom is one of the best feelings a homeowner can have since it signifies a change in the home’s life and creates a new and rejuvenating vibe altogether. Before renovations take place, demolitions need to occur, and you need to prepare for this. One of the ways of doing so is through cutting the water supply to the bathroom. You can also salvage any reusable and usable items.

Getting rid of any unwanted items is also part of this preparation, and here if you need professional help cleaning experts like Paul’s Rubbish Removal are just a dial away. When you feel like you need help in getting rid of these items, do not hesitate to call us at any time or day. Call our fast support team on 0407 125 125 and lock in a date with our removal team.

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