You should always prepare your home for bushfire. Bushfires can affect your property just like any other accident. But, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of bushfire affecting your home.

For instance, you should ensure you remove combustible materials from your backyard and areas surrounding your home because they can accelerate the rate of bushfire spreading into your home.

To ensure your home is free from rubbish which can accelerate the fire, you should call rubbish removal experts to clean out excessive garden waste.

Here are our top tips on how to effectively prevent and reduce the chances of being affected by a bushfire.

1. Mow the lawn regularly

To void incidences where grass will overgrow in your backyard which can lead to high speed in the spread of bushfire; you should mow the grass regularly and ensure it is watered to remain green. This is necessary because the green grass will less likely spread the fire.

2. Remove all combustible materials from your backyard

Materials such as dry grass, dead branches and leaves can increase the risk of bushfire spreading to your home. Ensure you remove them regularly. Hiring a rubbish removal company will work well for you. Items such as wood piles, boxes, paper and crates which you do not use should be kept away from the house.

3. Trim low-lying branches

Low lying branches can accelerate the fire into your house. To avoid the risk of the home getting fire before rescue arrives, you should trim low lying branches and remove them from your yard.

4. Keep gutters clear

Leaf litter on your gutters can make the situation worse. To increase chances of your home surviving in case of a bushfire, you should ensure you remove all dry leaves from your roof gutters.

5. Display your house number clearly

To increase chances of accessing help from firefighters fast, which can reduce the risk of fire damaging your home, you should ensure the house number is displayed so that those trying to offer you rescue can quickly identify your home.

Sarah Ann