Running out of space and wondering how you can create more living space? Are you limited with regards to ground space you can build on, or maybe you’re on a budget? Carving out some space from your existing unit is the best option as compared to a full-scale addition. Besides, by transforming your garage, you are adding value to your house.

Garage conversion is gaining popularity – currently being dubbed the new loft.

Think of it, what could you do with some extra space? You could have yourself a sitting room, utility room, home office, playroom, art studio; the list is endless.

Let’s dive right in on how you can convert your garage and create more room:

1) Determine the purpose of the room

What do you want to do with the new space? This will help you determine if the area is adequate before you have yourself a white elephant.

2) Acquire the building consent from the authorities

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), a garage falls under the non-habitable structures. This categorises it under the class 10a buildings.

To keep you on the safe side of the law, you will be required a Development Application and Approval from the local Council to reclassify it to Class 1a.
You can easily obtain this at your local Council.

For the approval, you need to provide both your preliminary and final plans.

If you are thinking of creating a granny flat, take your time and go through the granny flat regulations.

3) Conversion essentials

A typical garage needs several customisations to convert it into a habitable space.

Ceiling: To comply with the BCA requirements, ensure that it is at the height of at least 2.4 meters. You may need to raise the floor if the height is less than the recommended.

Waterproofing: Since most garage walls are constructed using single brick, you need to apply a waterproof membrane or paint to avoid rising damp in the future. You can also install a stud wall to house your electrics and apply a plasterboard finish.

Door: Replace the existing door with a large window to allow for natural lighting and ventilation. According to the BCA, the window needs to be 10% of the floor area.

Flooring: Confirm that your flooring is built following the laid out regulations. If not, you are required to treat it with a termite management system. Also, apply a waterproofing membrane to ensure water doesn’t seep in.

Utilities: You need to carry out an electrical service upgrade to cater for the larger load. Also, consider the plumbing and gas needs if required. For your lighting and plumbing needs, ensure to engage the services of a licensed technician.

Heating or cooling: It is crucial to apply insulation to your garage. As you submit the Application of Consent and Development Application, you’ll be required to provide your details of compliance with the energy efficiency provisions. This aids in determining the thermal comfort of your new space.

Converting your garage can be the best decision you can make in this century if done right. Not only is it less expensive, but it can create more income for you while adding more value to your home.

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