Just like other countries, Australia is struggling with garbage and the challenges associated with it. In addition to the reality that rubbish generation is continuously surging, improper waste management further aggravates these problems. 

Although it’s not immediately palpable, the issues brought about by rubbish are actually costly and detrimental to the economy. Aside from having to spend huge amounts of money to respond to the present issues, the country also has to deal with serious economic losses. 

So if you think that simple acts of littering, rubbish burning, and not segregating your waste are just trivial, think again. Improper management of your rubbish can have serious repercussions on the entire economy of the country and here’s how: 

Decline in Tourism

Tourism depends on both the natural and man-made tourist attractions of the country. These places have beautiful and aesthetically pleasing sceneries that appeal to domestic and international travellers and entrepreneurs. 

So what if you practice improper rubbish removal? One thing that could happen is that your trash may end up at Bondi beach or Darling harbour and make the surroundings look unclean and visually unappealing. Moreover, improper rubbish removal can also have long-term effects such as pollution and substantial degradation of natural resources.

When these things happen, all the places we call attractions would become unworthy to explore causing a downturn in the volume of visitors coming into the country. The tourism industry which contributes to the country’s GDP and employment will be greatly affected as well as the national economy. Furthermore, the country will have to spend billions of money to restore and preserve these tourist destinations.

Degradation of Valuable Resources

That rubbish causes environmental harm is not new knowledge anymore. But what you may not know is that environmental degradation of land and water resources has serious economic impacts. 

Australian economy capitalises on its land and water resources. Land resources are valuable real estates while water can be used for drinking and irrigation. Moreover, wildlife and vegetations depend on these two for their sustainability and conservation. 

Thus, if land and water bodies become polluted, the country’s economy will severely suffer. Contaminated water becomes unsafe for drinking and irrigation and would require higher costs for treatment. Animals and vegetation that can serve as food and offer revenues become wasted thereby causing extreme economic losses. 

Pestilence and Diseases

Improper waste management can cause rubbish to pile up and sit for a long time. As a consequence, opportunist animals and insects can take advantage of these junks and feed on them. 

Rubbish can cause pests to thrive and multiply because it is their source of food and shelter. A pest infestation can cause injuries to human health and the destruction of crops and other food resources. Rodents, flies, and roaches can transmit diseases to humans. Moreover, rodents and bugs can affect agricultural food sources.

Wasted Recycling Opportunities

Another improper rubbish removal practice that can have an economic impact is not segregating your waste. When you do not correctly classify rubbish, you will miss out on a lot of benefits such as reusable and recyclable materials as well as organic fertilizers from biodegradable wastes. 

Recyclable rubbish can garner revenues and recycling centres can offer job opportunities. Moreover, if you put recyclable materials to waste, production of goods will greatly rely on raw materials instead of taking advantage of recyclable and reusable items. 


Improper rubbish removal ultimately affects the economy. Paul’s Rubbish Removal is an expert in the field of properly handling and removing rubbish. Let us take all the hassles away from you by doing the dirty work for you. Our team of professional rubbish removalists strive to ensure that the country is a cleaner and safer place to live in, and in doing so, we are also helping the national economy.

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