The average Australian generates as much as 1.5 tonnes of waste every single year. This is roughly 4.1 kilograms of waste per individual every single day. How a person from Sydney can average as much as around that amount of waste is quite a mystery and shock, however, it’s a fact. Even worse, this number is increasing every single year. This puts Australia as one of the top nations in the world that generates a massive volume of waste.

Many big businesses and entities are always on the lookout for Sydney as a prime location for setting up Waste to Energy technologies. Plants and locations are vital in keeping this innovation of turning the waste of an average person from Sydney into a renewed source of energy. As such, this is something you should look into. Investing in good technologies to alleviate or improve the waste situation doesn’t only benefit Sydney. It benefits the world.

Scientists and researchers are discovering many inventions and methods that can help in answering waste management issues. However, Waste to Energy technologies is one of the most optimal and beneficial ways of dealing with waste. There are simply many advantages of this kind of waste management method. You can practically experience the benefit in real-time. 

First, it hits two birds with one stone. As rubbish volumes increase annually, another form of recycling this waste is by Waste to energy technology. When you throw garbage and have it sent to waste to energy plants, it disposes your garbage fast along with others. Even better, your garbage becomes a new power source for your homes. Whoever said that garbage can’t be powerful simply didn’t look into these options before. 

Second, it disposes waste, and if it is done efficiently, byproducts and results of the processes need not be as harmful to the surrounding environment as it should be. Big players who are interested in setting up these waste to energy technologies undergo strict and meticulous mitigation from the administration. Permits and licenses are often more difficult to get by without approval. Unless these plants are truly safe for you, it won’t be allowed to operate.

Third, in mass scales, WtE technologies can eventually have a lower cost than the generation of electricity from traditional sources. It might be expensive for industries especially at the start. However, with more incoming waste that can serve as material for power generation, it can outweigh the cost that comes from traditional power plants. Moreover, with the growing need for electricity worldwide, WtE technologies serve as an add-on provider for power needs.

Since Waste to Energy technology is still a process that transforms waste into something else, it will definitely still have effects to its surroundings. Usual concerns on this technology involve the air quality concern for people and some waste that can still be generated from the processes. However, this is why strict standard and compliance policies are imposed on those who venture in this kind of innovation. Sydney still cares more about your safety first. 


With the growing amount of garbage, Sydney should start having other alternatives that can be beneficial for you and your waste needs. If it’s a challenge to generate less trash for every single person, having Waste to Energy technology options works best as more people produce more waste indefinitely. With proper teamwork with the local councils and with you, Sydney is ready for newer changes like Waste to Energy options for waste recycling.  

Rubbish removal has always been one of the basic concerns and needs of each household. Waste generation always happens and it is increasing in amounts of every single year. As such, a team of expert rubbish removalists like us from Paul’s Rubbish Removal exist to help you in your waste problem. What’s better is we work with others to make sure that the waste we get from you can still go a long way from where it started. For your trash needs, contact us!

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