Did you know that Australia produces an average of 647 kg of municipal waste annually? According to a recent report published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, (OECD), Australia is the fourth biggest producer of municipal waste globally, only lagging behind, the US, Denmark and Switzerland. Even though not all this rubbish comes from our home, it is still a sad indication of our wasteful nature. While developed nations tend to generate the most waste per person, this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Unsurprisingly, household waste tends to increase dramatically during the Christmas period. The extra food, the shopping waste, as well as the countless gifts, mean we send tons of waste to our landfills during the festive season. This implies that as Australians, we need to do more to cut back on the amount of waste created as part of Christmas celebrations. You are highly urged to be environmentally thoughtful when you celebrate this festive season.

Young friends at decorated Christmas tree celebrating Christmas

Let’s take a look at some of the sustainable ways through which you can effectively manage your waste this Christmas.

1) Give thoughtfully

Before you give out a particular gift, you are encouraged to consider the potential environmental impact of whatever you are giving. Give a treat that has a relatively environmental impact. There are lots of eco-friendly gifts out there on the market. For instance, gifting a loved a new TV or a laptop would mean that he/she would have to dispose of the old appliance, which may not be a good idea.

2) Identify the type of waste

Tinsel garland and strings of popcorn are classified as household waste. Therefore, you should place such items in your garbage containers for easy disposal.

3) Christmas lights

Burned-out bulbs may not be accepted by most recycling centres. This implies that you should contact your local municipal recycling centre to deal with them.

4) Consider non-battery gifts

When selecting holiday gifts, don’t go for those that require batteries unless otherwise. It is common for parents to purchase gifts that light, talk and play music for their kids. Even though it is quite acceptable, you should consider the type of harm you could be causing on your immediate environment.

5) Reduce your packaging waste

Disposable packaging is a huge part of food waste which most of us tend to ignore. Over time, plastic, paper and cans can pile up during Christmas. Equally, don’t serve bottled water. Use your own filtered tap water and you’ll not only be saving money but the amount of plastic waste in your bin.

6) Mind your cooking

Celebrating the festive season usually means buying and cooking a lot of food. Unfortunately, the reality is that the amount of leftover after the main celebration far much outweigh the amount of food consumed. Anything which can’t be eaten should be disposed of in the bin immediately.

Decorations have equally become common culprits of Christmas wastes. A significant number of Christmas decorations are made of metal, glass, paper, wood, ceramics and perhaps plastic.

Christmas tree branch with toys

How should you deal with Christmas decorations?

These decorations are either recyclable or not. Check out below on how to deal with your decorations.

It is critical to note that this material is not recyclable. After losing its spark, you need to be disposed of in the rubbish bin.

Even though most plastic baubles are worthwhile recyclables, their glass counterparts aren’t. Your broken glass baubles should be wrapped and put together with other general waste.

Paper decorations
These are highly recyclable. However, you could do better by dumping your paper chains in the compost, if you have any.

This is usually an assortment of leaves, flowers, twigs as well as fruits. Clearly, they are made of evergreens and you should have little trouble disposing of your wreath. What’s even encouraging is that the decorative wreath parts such as the plastic flowers, ribbons and the base can be used again and again. You can safely keep them and use to design another awe-inspiring wreath in the next celebration!

Christmas lighting
Homeowners are always urged to opt for LED lights because they not only last relatively longer but are equally more energy efficient and long-lasting. With that in mind, you should not put strands of light in your garbage or recycling bins. Instead, check with your local recycling centres and see if they collect such rubbish.

What about my lovely Christmas tree?

No matter how lovely or glossy your Christmas tree may seem, you’ll definitely have to dispose of it at some point down the line. Artificial trees are usually made from a whole host of materials hence might not be good candidates for recycling.

You can give out your unwanted Christmas tree to charity shops. You can also sell them for a profit. On the other hand, real trees are highly recyclable. You can easily drive them to your nearest recycling centre which accepts logs, trees and perhaps stumps.

With these super, effective and practical tips at your disposal, we are more than certain that you’ll be able to significantly reduce your amount of waste generation this festive season.

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